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From Knowledge to Action: Unleashing Your Leadership Potential at the Know, Can, Do Retreat

February 26, 2024
A group of students attending a leadership retreat

Do you dream of becoming a confident, impactful leader but feel stuck between knowing what to do and doing it? You're not alone! This is a common struggle, especially when it comes to leadership. But what if there was a way to bridge the gap between knowing and doing?

The 2024 Concordia Student Leader is your chance to unlock your leadership potential. This year, with the theme of Know, Can, Do, the one-day program goes beyond just theory, providing students with the knowledge, motivation, and practice needed to become confident and effective leaders.

Here’s what you’ll gain:


Dive into the principles of leadership, exploring different styles, communication strategies, goal-setting techniques, and decision-making processes. Build a solid foundation for your leadership journey.


Get hands-on with practical skills and exercises. Role-playing scenarios and skill-building activities will equip you to apply leadership concepts in real-world situations.


Translate your newfound knowledge and capabilities into action. Develop and implement leadership strategies across various contexts, guided by activities and group discussions. Leave the retreat ready to lead with confidence.

Our retreat isn’t just about theory, it’s about tangible outcomes.

Here are some key learning objectives:

  • Understand fundamental leadership principles and theories.
  • Develop practical leadership skills and capabilities.
  • Gain insights into effective communication and decision-making.
  • Apply leadership strategies in real-world scenarios.
  • Build confidence in leading teams and projects.

Who should attend?

This event is perfect for:

  • Aspiring student leaders: Take your first steps towards leadership excellence.
  • Established leaders: Enhance your skills and become an even stronger leader.
  • Anyone seeking personal growth: Develop valuable leadership skills applicable to all aspects of life.


This retreat is hosted by Leadership Studies, Campus Ministry, and Student Development

Special Guest Facilitators:

  • Billy Moyer: Founder of SOS Leadership
  • Ashley Alaniz-Moyer: Executive Director of Hispanic Scholarship Consortium and CTX MBA Alumni


Register for the 2024 Concordia Student Leader Retreat!

Register for the 2024 Concordia Student Leader Retreat! Unlock your potential and equip yourself with the tools to lead effectively. The registration deadline is March 8. Reserve your spot today!