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Leadership Studies

Leadership is interlaced into every part of your Concordia University Texas education.

The Leadership Studies program challenges you to think critically, act compassionately, and lead courageously in every aspect of your academic and personal life. With a focus on practical application and theoretical understanding, our program helps you develop the skills you need to create positive change and live a fulfilling, purposeful, and meaningful life. Join a community of everyday leaders making a difference in the world.

The program has three key components to help you succeed.
All students will have leadership courses

Leadership Common Experience

Every undergraduate student takes a series of leadership courses. These courses provide students an immersive learning experience focusing on developing leadership skills and understanding leadership theories and practices.

Group of student leaders and a professor

Leadership Minor

The Leadership Studies Minor offers students a comprehensive exploration of leadership, including followership, change, diversity, and more. Through these courses, students gain a deeper understanding of effective leadership practices and how to apply them in their lives

Student Leadership opportunities

Student Leadership Opportunities

Students can put their knowledge into practice through various courses and experiences, including partnerships with on-campus groups or departments and networking with off-campus entities.

CTX Student Leader

Are you leading a team, managing projects, or aiming for personal growth? Join us at the "Know, Can, Do" Student Leader Retreat! This year's theme focuses on three key pillars: knowledge, capabilities, and action. Gain valuable insights and tools to help you succeed in your next leadership role. Register now and level up your leadership!


Leadership Series as part of the Concordia Texas Common Experience

All undergraduate Concordia University Texas students take 3 Leadership courses

Life & Leadership LDR 1100

The Life & Leadership course is the art of self-leadership, incorporating academic and life-management skills into the content so that students build pathways for success in college and life.

Leadership Theory LDR 2201

The Leadership Theory course provides an overview of major leadership theories and helps students see how these different theories can be used in various situations to enrich leading and following experiences.

Leadership & Career LDR 4101

The Leadership & Career course is designed to help students find the connection of their majors with their vocation (calling) by working on both practical skills and deeper reflection, leading toward meaningful work.

  • Why do I have to take the Leadership Common Experience classes?

    As a liberal arts institution, we believe in the holistic nature of an educated individual. This includes learning about leadership focused on three primary areas: leading self, leadership theory understanding, and connecting leadership to meaningful work (calling).

  • What courses would I need to take for a Leadership Studies Minor?

    You will take the 4 Leadership Studies courses listed below and at least 2 courses of elective hours, equalling a minimum of 3 credit hours*. Your Student Academic Advisor or the Leadership Studies Program Chair can talk to you about the specific courses and elective options.

    Leadership Studies Minor courses:

    • LDR 3311 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Leadership (Fall terms)
    • LDR 3312 Community & Volunteer Leadership (Spring terms)
    • LDR 33xx The Depths of Followership (Fall terms)
    • LDR 43xx Creating Lasting Change (Spring terms)


    *Elective courses for this minor have been selected from existing courses across disciplines at CTX. Due to the nature and weight of specific classes, the elective hours vary slightly, so allow 1 and 2-credit hour courses (travel and/or research-intensive) and more traditional 3-credit hour courses. The minimum credit hours for the minor is 15 credit hours in total.

  • How would having a minor in Leadership Studies help me?

    Everyone wants better leaders in their workplaces and communities, but many don’t know what it takes to be a good leader. Just because it’s been done one way in the past, doesn’t mean that’s the best or most effective way to lead.

    Our Leadership Studies minor also includes the concept of Followership which is critical to good leadership. Understanding how followers work, what it means to be an effective follower, and how to best connect followers and leaders will improve our workplaces and communities.

    Regardless of where you work or what you choose to engage in within your community, understanding how leadership should work, will help you grow and better your community or organization.

  • What are other ways I can get involved in Student Leadership on campus?

    There are lots of student leadership opportunities on campus. Some are through the Leadership Studies Department, but many others are across campus.

    Student Leadership Practicum Course (LDR 2116): This 1 credit hour practicum course has 3 different versions: Student Government (SGLA), CTX Traditions, and Community Board Engagement.

    Student Leadership Retreat: We host this retreat each Spring for students emerging as leaders or looking to hone their leadership skills to create positive change on campus and in their communities.

    Peer Leaders: Students can apply to serve as peer leaders, working with the freshmen Life & Leadership classes. Applications come out in October each year to select students for the next Fall. Get more details and the application process by visiting the peer leaders web page

    Other opportunities can be found on campus through Student Activities, Service-Learning, and Career Services.

Prairie Burgess

We are excited to have the opportunity to walk through leadership and followership with our students at Concordia Texas. We each have areas of influence in our lives and that influence provides opportunities for leadership. Going off that idea, we are all leaders and followers in different settings and stages of our lives so it is important to develop stronger understanding of how good and effective leadership and followership should function. Teaching leadership is something that I and the other leadership instructors are very passionate about and love to share with you all!

Dr. Prarie BurgessAssistant Professor of Leadership, Program Chair



Career Outcomes
  • Nonprofit Director
  • Political Advisor
  • Events Coordinator
  • Business Owner
  • Marketing and Advertising Specialist
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Insurance Agent
  • Troop Leader
  • PTA Coordinator
  • Advisory Board Member
  • Curator
  • Floor Nurse
  • Worship Pastor
  • Ministry Director
Alejandro Davila

Alejandro Davila

"Leaders should act with respect and trust; building a relationship with each individual follower and then expanding those relationships to encompass all the followers."

CTX Student Leader
Leadership Studies

Develop your leadership skills and make a meaningful impact in your chosen field with the Concordia University Texas Leadership Studies program.