MyInfo (Self-Service) Information

For students, MyInfo is your online portal to register for classes, view student bills, view grades, and take care of many other "administrative" activities having to do with your education. Employees can use it to view class rosters, post grades at the end of the semester, view pay stubs, record timesheets and other similar activities.

MyInfo Username Password:

Username: Your CTX ID number (ex. B00123456)

  • Your CTX ID number has only one letter in it - the "B" (if you said it out loud, you'd say "Bee" "Zero" "Zero"...)

  • Be sure to capitalize the "B" when logging in. MyInfo doesn't like lower case for your CTX ID number.

PIN: A six-digit number sent to your or email when your MyInfo account was created.


What if I don't know my CTX ID number?

Your CTX ID number was emailed to your or email address when all of your accounts were created. You may want to check among the very first emails you received. Students can also check on most of their paperwork - it's probably printed on a course schedule or financial aid letter you've received. And if all else fails, you can always contact the Helpdesk at 512-313-4357 or

What do I do if I've forgotten my PIN?

If you remembered to set up your MyInfo security question, you can use that to reset your PIN. Unfortunately, the Password Reset Service does not work for MyInfo. If you haven't set up your MyInfo security questions, contact the Helpdesk at 512-313-4357 or

Why can't I use my email address and password to log in to MyInfo?

We'd love it if that were possible, but unfortunately the technology behind MyInfo just doesn't play nicely with all of the other systems that would support that right now. As soon as it does, you can bet your boots we'll turn it on.