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Dr. Bertrand du Castel Memorial Scholarship

The stated purpose of this endowment is to provide support for Concordia University Texas and financial assistance for qualified students who are enrolled and/or majoring in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programs and studies

Dr. Bertrand du Castel was a Schlumberger Fellow and widely recognized as a "keeper of the scientific soul" of that organization. He was awarded five United States patents from 2000-2012. His book "Computer Theology: Intelligent Design of the World Wide Web," was co-authored with Tim Jurgensen. Published in 2008, the book describes a theology of the World Wide Web based on a comparative study of human societies and computer networks.

His numerous publications included neuroscience, computer security, logic, artificial intelligence, software engineering, and linguistics. In 2005, he won the Visionary Award from Card Technology Magazine for pioneering the Java Card. He accomplished his mission to break smart cards away from the limitations of proprietary platforms through embracing open standards. It was a pivotal step that caused the smart card industry to flourish, ensuring that these cards were used in every corner of the internet. 

Bertrand headed the team that created Java Card, helped build the Java Card Forum to manage the software platform, led work on one of the industry's first internet smart cards, and co-founded the WLAN Smart Card Consortium to promote the use of smart cards on Wi-Fi networks.