Audition Requirements

Audition requirements for all prospective music majors:

The audition will serve as the prospective music student's admission into any music major offered at Concordia University Texas as well as the scholarship audition. Live auditions are greatly preferred; in cases where a live audition is not possible, provisional acceptance to the major may be granted until the student arrives on campus (see below for details).

First consideration to music scholarships will go to live auditions.

If you're interested in applying to Concordia, please fill out a request form so we may contact you with more information!

Prepared Pieces

Performance specialization:
Prospective students will prepare two pieces in contrasting styles from the classical repertoire.

Theory/Composition specialization:
Prospective students will present at least two original compositions for any instrumentation. The musical score is required; a recording (or live performance) of the piece is helpful.In addition, students seeking a theory/composition specialization should prepare one short piece or exercise that demonstrates reasonable facility at an instrument.

Music Ministry specialization:
Prospective students will prepare one piece from the classical literature which demonstrates technical facility at their primary instrument. The student will also prepare a sacred piece of music (hymn improvisation, contemporary worship song, etc.). In addition, Music Ministry prospective students will be interviewed about their personal faith, their previous ministry experience, and their familiarity with theology and worship.

Sight Reading

Those auditioning will be expected to sight-read a short excerpt on their primary instrument to demonstrate fluency with musical notation.


Students will be admitted to the major upon successful audition and satisfactory completion of the Music Major Application.

Students who are not able to come to campus for a live audition, but who wish to be Music majors at CTX, may receive provisional acceptance to the Music major. Students must mail a CD of the items required above under Prepared Piece, as well as a short statement explaining their past musical experience, their future musical goals, and why they are unable to audition in person.

Mail all items to:

Dr. Patricia Burnham
Attn: Audition Materials
11400 Concordia University Dr.
Austin, TX 78726

It is important to note that any CTX student may take classes in the Music program, and students may audition for acceptance into the Music major at any point in their CTX career (for example, if they are officially Undecided, or change their major once a CTX student). However, consideration for scholarships is made primarily on the basis of live auditions of incoming students.


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