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Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports are just one way to get involved on campus. CTX offers an array of intramural sport activities to facilitate not only your social development, but your physical development as well. We believe intramural sports are not only a great way to get the exercise that your body needs, but also a great way for you to develop as a leader among your peers.

The Office of Student Activities provides a variety of intramural seasons, as well as one day tournaments. Teams or individuals may register online at IMLeagues. IMLeagues is a new system we are using for intramurals. This system allows you to make teams, view the schedule, and sign waivers!

Who Can Participate?

Any current, traditional student! All games are co-ed and require at least two persons of the minority gender. Students who are athletes at CTX are not permitted to participate in the IM sports that they play on campus; however, athletes who have permission from their coach can play any other sports.