The President and Board Members conversingThe President and Board Members conversing

Advisory Board Network

Concordia University Texas is committed to building collaborative partnerships with community leaders who create meaningful opportunities that help students of all backgrounds pursue their vocations and thrive in their workplaces.

The Vision

Concordia's Advisory Boards consist of exceptional leaders with a range of professional experiences who invest in Concordia through strategic service and leveraging their talent, passion, and expertise.

Each Concordia Advisory Board member drives opportunities for student success by:

  • Strengthening our relationship with the community
  • Aligning Concordia's programming with regional needs
  • Expanding resources
Join a Group of Exceptional Leaders

Advisory Boards are comprised of exceptional leaders from diverse backgrounds who are dedicated, ethical, engaged, influential and passionate thought leaders in strategic areas aligned with our mission. Their contributions to Concordia play a vital role in the success of our strategic plan which allows Concordia to build, connect and thrive.