Statue in Luther ParkStatue in Luther Park

Leadership Team

The leadership team of Concordia Univeristy Texas provides strategic direction across all areas of the institution.

Concordia's leadership team also ensures the University continues to live out its values, honor its mission, and work toward its vision of being the premier university where the adventure of faith, learning, and lifechanging experiences leads to meaning work.

Headshot of Dr. Donald Christian, President & Chief Executive Officer

Don Christian

President & Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Kristi Kirk

Kristi Kirk

Provost & Executive Vice President

Headshot of Dan Gregory

Dan Gregory

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Column Image

Elaina Jackson

Vice President of Enrollment Management, Marketing, and Communications

Headshot of Jeffrey Utzinger

Jeffrey Utzinger

Dean of Teaching & Learning

Headshot of KC Pospisil

KC Pospisil

Vice President of Academic Operations

Headshot of Ronda Seagraves

Ronda Seagraves

Vice President of Athletics

Headshot of Cindy Melendez

Cindy Melendez

Vice President of Student Services

Headshot of Patrick Carlove

Patrick Carlove

Vice President of Philanthropy

Headshot of Prairie Burgess

Prairie Burgess

Interim Vice President of Student Development