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What Does it Look Like to Study Business at Concordia?

The world runs on business, and students in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at Concordia University Texas will be successful in critical thinking, creativity, communication and leadership. Classes are small and taught by experts in their industry, so every student gets the attention they need. Beyond the classroom, students benefit from Concordia's close collaboration and partnership with Austin's dynamic business community.

Program Overview

Receiving a BBA at Concordia University Texas will prepare you for success in multiple careers and industries.

You will develop a broad understanding of the many facets of business and gain in-depth knowledge in one of four concentrations:

  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • Global Healthcare Policy & Management
  • Human Resources & Management
  • Marketing

Discover more about each fascinating field.

BBA students also have the option of adding a micro-concentration: Communication, Entrepreneurship, Finance or International Business.

A micro-concentration requires just three upper-level classes, appears on transcripts and allows you to explore a different area of business without committing your entire major to it. It's a great way to enhance your degree and develop additional competencies.

With an emphasis on leadership, critical thinking and quantitative skills, BBA students are well-prepared for graduate study and the rapidly changing marketplace.

Micro-Concentrations Program Sheet

Curriculum Overview for a Business Degree

As a student in the BBA program, you will be engaged from your very first class to your last. From Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship to your final Capstone class, you will be:

  • Working in teams,
  • Creating presentations,
  • Collaborating with fellow students, and
  • Meeting and hearing from industry professionals.

The Business Administration program at Concordia University Texas is unique. Our faculty are expert instructors and professionals in their fields of study, bringing real-world examples into the classroom. Many come to Concordia directly from an industry, bringin the most current business practices and advances into the classroom. Some professors invite guest speakers who come and share their insights with you and even offer to meet with students after class.

The Concordia BBA program also offers learning opportunities outside of the classroom. All BBA students are required to complete a 150+ hour internship. Preparing students for their first job (or for advancement in their current job) is important to us, and an internship is one of the best ways to land that next job.

Additionally, Incubator CTX, an entrepreneurial hub for Northwest Austin entrepreneurs, is one of many excellent resources of which our Business students can take advantage (network with industry professionals, opportunity to intern, etc.).

Here are some highlighted courses:

Business & Community: Open to CTX students who are nominated to participate, this course focuses on the role of ethics and social responsibility in businesses as they serve the communities in which they exist. To help students develop Christian leadership, the College of Business & Communication partners with RecognizeGood Ethics in Business Awards, an event that honors businesses, individuals and nonprofits for high ethical practices. Business & Community students help vet the nominees and present the final candidates for the Ethics in Business Awards to RecognizeGood.

Management Information Systems: This course provides students with a fundamental understanding of information technology in contemporary business environments and presents core MIS principles with which every business student should be familiar. Students will also study real cases that are associated with IS applications to understand the issues in IS disciplines and the changing role of the IS professional.

Market Research: The course offers an introduction to market research as a business decision-making tool. Students will learn how market research can help them understand consumer attitudes and preferences to make business decisions and how to transform research findings into actionable business recommendations. Students will work with a real-world client on a research project to define the business problem, develop a research plan, collect and analyze data, and present findings and implications.

The BBA program also offers students the opportunity to begin earning a master's degree during their undergraduate education. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) 4+1 Program is unique to Concordia and allows students to complete both their BBA and MBA in just five years.

Learn more about Concordia's MBA 4+1 Program

Program Benefits

BBA graduates experience a rigorous level of business education at Concordia. The professors:

  • Challenge students to think differently and out of the box,
  • Counsel students on different job opportunities and career choices,
  • Take students on trips to explore different businesses, locally and internationally, and
  • Share their faith and teach students how to incorporate their personal faith into their career.

With abundant opportunities to learn outside of the classroom, BBA students will acquire practical experience that the marketplace demands.

Success Stories

"When I came to Concordia, I was unsure of my career path. I chose Business Administration because it was intriguing to me. Little did I know that the classes I took, the professors who advised me and the projects I took part in would guide me to a career in marketing. Because of Concordia’s business school, I succeeded in becoming a marketing coordinator and not only found a job right out of college but also found my calling too."

- Alexandra Bowden, Class of 2019

“For the past few months, my family has been buried in research and analysis as we pursue our dream. I’ve called upon the principles I learned in finance time and again to ensure the details are accounted for. Because of these lessons and the professor’s willingness to hold students accountable, my family is in a better position to achieve our dream, confident that our efforts are pragmatic and achievable. I thank my finance professor for not accepting anything but my best and for holding me accountable. I thank you, my wife thanks you and my sons thank you.”

- Tony Brown, Class of 2018

Career Outcomes

  • Business Owner
  • Finance Controller
  • Human Resources Professional
  • Marketing and Sales Manager
  • Non-profit Administrator or Director
  • Project Manager
  • Stockbroker
  • Talent Manager


Why study Business at Concordia?  

  • Small class sizes allow for individualized attention
  • Professors with industry experience
  • Opportunity to take graduate-level course as an undergraduate to accelerate a future graduate degree at Concordia University Texas
  • Internship requirement helps students gain experience

  Meet our College of Business & Communication Faculty