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Business Administration Concentrations

Overview of the BBA Concentrations

The world runs on business, and with plenty of concentrations available with a Bachelor of Business Administration major, the College of Business and Communication will prepare you for success in multiple careers and industries.

Discover your true passion in business by selecting from the following concentrations!


Accounting is “the language of business,” providing the means by which business transactions and events are analyzed, recorded, presented and interpreted for various interested parties, as well as the process of better decision making. Receiving a BBA with a concentration in Accounting will prepare you for a career in public, private, nonprofit or government accounting. A large number of classes are available for students to focus on specific areas of accounting.

Accounting Program Sheet


An Entrepreneurship concentration will help you develop a foundation of business and leadership strategies in a convenient, accessible learning environment where students will utilize the university’s access to the Austin business community for real-world experience and lessons. Graduates of our program understand the “why” of business, so they are prepared to succeed now and in the constantly changing future. Tap into your creative drive and natural curiosity for business by choosing to become an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship Program Sheet


A concentration in Finance prepares Business students for a position in the banking industry, financial institutions, business firms and governmental organizations. Classes focus on the principles that support the decision-making process in this area. One great reason to get a finance degree is because it has a narrower focus than other business concentrations, but still allows students to explore a field that is dense with job opportunities. Those with finance degrees are able work with the decision makers of outside organizations such as banks, government agencies, stockholders, suppliers and businesses.

Finance Program Sheet

Global Health & Economic Development

The Global Health and Economic Development concentration creates a strong cohort of young business leaders who understand the factors that prevent disease and promote population health in the United States and other parts of the world. Students are exposed to the key concepts underlying global public health as a system and the various occupations and professions that contribute to healthy societies. Graduates are trained in the knowledge that health underpins the financial and economic success of families, communities and whole societies. This unique program strengthens the skills needed to pursue a career in the public health sector including state agencies, non-profit organizations and international health related organizations.

Global Health & Economic Development Program Sheet

Healthcare Administration

The healthcare industry provides services for people of all ages. As chronic diseases increase, many students find their calling to help those who are ill. Healthcare administration provides the necessary support to keep our hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities functioning effectively. Our healthcare administration students find this vocation to be particularly rewarding. Be a change agent for the complicated system by learning how to improve healthcare beyond the prescription.

Healthcare Administration Program Sheet

Human Resource Management

In today’s competitive market, finding, recruiting, training and developing outstanding employees are critical components for the success of any company. A Human Resource Management concentration provides up-and-coming organizational leaders and human resource (HR) professionals with the skills necessary to position their company on the cutting edge of workforce development, talent recruitment, training and development and general management.

Human Resource Management Program Sheet

International Business

International business has become a core for future business graduates as organizations become more globalized. More and more graduates are being hired by cross-cultural and multi-national organizations that are involved in foreign trade/manufacturing operations, foreign investment transactions, governmental affairs, international relief and operations participating in international exposure. As the international market grows and evolves, industries continue to be impacted by global changes and developments. The world of today is a world of complex and volatile situations and operations that require international expertise and training for success.  Our graduates learn to approach international and national organizations with such academic training, real-world experience and cross-cultural knowledge. The international business graduate approaches the world with the understanding of how globalization impacts the business community, locally, nationally and internationally. They are sensitive to other countries, their cultural practices and knowledge of foreign business operations. Most of all, our graduates come prepared to experience and to have the willingness to work and live abroad.

International Business Program Sheet


Management is the heart and soul of any organization – the role of the manager in relation to the people and products of the firm relates directly to profitability. Receiving a BBA with a concentration in Management will prepare students for positions and careers requiring leadership and managerial skills, as well as graduate studies. The focus of management courses is on personal and organizational behavior as well as talent management.

Management Program Sheet


The role of marketing within a given industry or firm is critical to its sales and delivery of services. Today's marketing career focuses both on the creative aspect as well as the management of delivering the product. Receiving a BBA with a concentration in marketing from Concordia University Texas will provide students with both the theoretical background and the practical knowledge of this discipline. Classes focus on orienting students toward careers in advertising, market research, professional sales and sales promotion.

Marketing Program Sheet

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