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Business Administration Concentrations

Overview of the BBA Concentrations

The world runs on business, and with plenty of concentrations available with a Bachelor of Business Administration, the College of Business & Communication will prepare you for success in multiple careers and industries.

Discover your true passion in business by selecting from the following concentrations!

Accounting & Financial Management

Accounting and finance are the languages of business, providing the means by which business transactions and events are analyzed, presented, implemented and interpreted. The Concordia University Texas BBA with a concentration in accounting and financial management equips students with both the practical skills and critical thinking skills required for better decision-making and effective resource management. Choose upper-level courses according to your specific interests, whether it be accounting, finance or a mixture of both. This concentration will prepare you for a career in public, private, nonprofit or government organizations.

Accounting & Financial Management Program Sheet

Global Healthcare Policy & Management

Health underpins the financial and economic success of families, communities and whole societies. By earning a BBA with a concentration in global healthcare policy and management at Concordia University Texas, students will learn key concepts to promoting population health and efficiently managing healthcare facilities. The courses in this concentration develop the skills needed to pursue a career in either the public health sector or healthcare administration. Graduates will be equipped to become change agents by learning how to improve healthcare beyond the prescription, across communities.

Global Healthcare Policy & Management Program Sheet

Human Resources & Management

In today’s competitive market, finding, recruiting, training and developing outstanding employees are critical components for the success of any company. And management of organizational resources, including employees, is essential to maintain the success of a company. Receiving a BBA with a concentration in human resources and management from Concordia University Texas prepares students for positions of organizational leadership and management, from recruiting top talent to managing and leading a strong team.

Human Resources & Management Program Sheet


The role of marketing within a given industry or firm is critical to its sales and delivery of services. Today's marketing career focuses on the creative aspect as well as the management of delivering the product. Receiving a BBA with a concentration in marketing from Concordia University Texas will provide students with both the theoretical background and the practical knowledge of this discipline. Classes focus on orienting students toward careers in advertising, market research, professional sales and sales promotion.

Marketing Program Sheet