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What Does it Look Like to Study Business at Concordia?

The World Runs on Business and students studying Business at Concordia Texas will be successful in critical thinking, creativity, communication and leadership. Classes are small and taught be experts in their industry, so every student gets the attention they deserve. Beyond the classroom, our students benefit from our close collaboration and partnership with Austin's dynamic business community.

Program Overview

Receiving a BBA at Concordia University Texas will prepare you for success in multiple careers and industries, including starting your own business or working in the global business environment. Choosing one of our many concentrations will give you depth in a field of study as well as a broad understanding of the many aspects of business. With an emphasis on critical thinking and quantitative skills, graduates are also well-prepared for graduate study after they complete their degree.

Business Curriculum Overview

As a student in the BBA program, you will be engaged from your very first class to your last. From Introduction to Business to your final Launch class, you will be:

  • Working in teams
  • Creating presentations
  • Collaborating with fellow students
  • Meeting and hearing from industry professionals

Our faculty are expert instructors and professionals in their fields of study. Many come to Concordia directly from industry with the most current business practices and advances. Classes also invite guest speakers who come and share their learnings with you - and even offer to meet with students after class. Incubator CTX, an entrepreneurial hub for Northwest Austin entrepreneurs, is one of many excellent resources our Business students can take advantage of.

Here are some highlighted courses:

Small Business Management: Over 75 percent of companies are considered small to medium size. This course focuses on the theories and concepts used to manage a small business and how to lead and grow the company in the future. Whether an entrepreneur, small business owner or franchiser/franchisee, the odds of being a success greatly improve through real-world practices that are taught in this course.

Talent Management: This class covers the concepts and theories of talent (personnel) management. Being a good manager is not enough in today’s business environment. A manager must be insightful, motivating, caring and structured. These plus other attributes are taught in this skill-based course. Where some talent management courses teach only theory, this Concordia course teaches actual skills from experience professors, case studies and professionals from industry.

International Business Management: We live in a global environment where every business person must understand the global market, multinational talent management, and international culture. This class covers these concepts plus many more including international entrepreneurship and how to be successful in marketing to a global community. Students in this class are encouraged to participate in one of the Concordia international travel courses where businesses are visited and international professionals present perspectives in doing business in a global market.

Business Ethics: Today's business leaders must concern themselves with ethical issues, because unethical behavior creates legal risks and damage to businesses as well as employees and consumers. Business ethics are an integral part of business education in general. Prepare yourself to deal with issues or situations that may arise that don't always involve easy answers or decisions by taking this course.

Program Benefits

BBA graduates experience a rigorous and high level of business education at Concordia in the College of Business and Communication. The professors:

  • Challenge students to think differently and out of the box
  • Counsel students on different job opportunities and career choices
  • Take students on trips to explore different businesses, locally and internationally
  • Share their faith and how to incorporate the student’s personal faith into their career

Career Outcomes

  • Business Owner
  • Talent Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Finance Controller
  • Cultural Expert
  • Stockbroker
  • Marketing and Sales Manager
  • Human Resource Professional
  • Non-profit Administrator or Director
  • International Talent Manager


Why study Business at Concordia?  

  • Small class sizes allow for individualized attention
  • Opportunity to take graduate level course as an undergraduate to accelerate a future graduate degree at Concordia Texas
  • All BBA students are required to complete an internship prior to graduation as part of their "launch" experience - preparing students for their first job (or for advancement in their current job) is important to us, and an internship is one of the best ways to land that next job
  • A specific business capstone is offered in each concentration
  • International Travel Courses are offered each semester
  • Accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE)
  • Guided by best practices of the National Communication Association (NCA)

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