EDAD Practicum

This information is for University Supervisors and Campus Mentors for Educational Administration with Principal Certification practicum students. For students in EDAD 5155 or 5156, all forms and information about the Practicum will be in your Blackboard course.

Educational Administration - Principal Certification Practicum

The educational administration sequence will provide opportunities for students to develop appropriate administrative skills and procedures vital to a successful educational setting in public or private schools. Candidates will develop a high level of leadership skills and gain knowledge about theories that drive the educational process. Candidates who successfully complete the educational administration sequence will meet the State of Texas course requirements and will be eligible to take the TExES test to be certified as a Principal.

Candidates complete a practicum under the mentorship of a Texas certified administrator with at least three years of experience at a local school or district administration office and under the supervision of the university by a currently certified Texas administrator. During the practicum, each candidate will complete a minimum of 160 hours acting as a school administrator by completing activities that relate to the program competencies and Principal Standards found in TAC 241.15.

Information and forms for the Practicum University Supervisors and Campus Mentors are on this page; forms and information for the students enrolled in the Practicum are found in Blackboard through their EDAD 5155 Practicum II and EDAD 5156 Practicum III courses.

Students may only log hours for certification purposes during EDAD 5156 Practicum III.

Educational Administration Practicum Handbook (PDF)

University Supervisor Training

University Supervisors must complete the training before student supervision begins.

  • University Supervisor Training video (YouTube link)
  • University Supervisor Training script (PDF)

University Supervisor Forms

All forms capable of being filled out must be opened and completed using Adobe.

Site Supervisor (Campus Mentor) Training

  • Site Supervisor (Campus Mentor) Training video (YouTube link)
  • Site Supervisor (Campus Mentor) Training script (PDF)