Natural & Applied Sciences Faculty & Staff

Full-time faculty/staff in the School of Natural & Applied Sciences

Jennifer Hofmann

Dr. Jennifer Hofmann

Assistant Professor, Biology
Co-Chair, Biology Program

Mary Kay Johnston

Dr. Mary Kay Johnston

Associate Professor, Biology and Environmental Science & Conservation
Co-Chair, Biology and Environmental Science & Conservation Program

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Dr. Christina Hamilton

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Donna Janes

Dr. Donna Janes

Professor, Biology
Pre-Professional School Advisor (Pre-Med)

Amanda Jordan

Amanda Jordan

Assistant to Laboratory Manager

Michael Maguire

Dr. Michael Maguire

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Michael Moyer

Dr. Michael Moyer

Professor, Biology

George Reifenberger

Dr. George Reifenberger

Assistant Professor, Physics

Zach Stark

Zach Stark

Director, Environmental Stewardship

Eric Staron

Dr. Eric Staron

Associate Professor, Mathematics
Coordinator, School of Natural & Applied Sciences
Co-Director, Honors Program

Sam Whitehead

Dr. Sam Whitehead

Associate Professor, Environmental Science
Chair, Environmental Science
Director, Environmental Science & Conservation