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Admission Requirements

Students coming to Concordia directly from high school with no full-time college experience must have:

  • GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale)

Students who fall below the above requirement will be evaluated by the Office of Admissions and may still be eligible for admission to Concordia. Please contact your Admissions Counselor if you have questions about achieving admission.

Application Steps

Step 1: Apply

Apply Now

Step 2: Send Transcripts

  • High school transcript
  • College transcripts

Note: All transcripts must be official copies. A transcript is considered official if it is received through an approved electronic service, sent directly via email to from the institution of record, or in a sealed envelope from the institution of records.

See myOptions for sending transcripts and other helpful tools with college planning in high school.

If You are Submitting Test Scores

We want you to know that submitting your test score can only help, not hinder, you to achieve admission and earn a higher merit scholarship. If you have a test score and want to submit it, here's how:

  • Have your official SAT or ACT scores sent to us directly from the testing agency. Our school code for SAT is 6127. Our school code for ACT is 4124.
  • Concordia does accept scores that are submitted on official high school transcripts.

Options for Sending Transcripts

  • Deliver in person to the Office of Admissions in a sealed envelope.
  • Have your high school email your transcript to
  • Submit electronically through one of the below approved services:

National Transcript Center

  • Have your school mail your transcript to:

    Concordia University Texas
    Office of Admissions
    11400 Concordia University Drive
    Austin, Texas 78726

Application Deadlines

Concordia recommends that students apply for admission during the fall of their senior year. This ensures you will be accepted prior to starting the financial aid process. While you can apply for both admission and financial aid at the same time, we cannot award your financial aid until you have been accepted to Concordia. The sooner you apply for admission, the more prepared our team will be for you becoming a Tornado!