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Grace’s Story: Taking Healthcare by Storm

May 16, 2019
Grace, Refugee Camp to Studying at Concordia


I have a very special story to share with you today. It’s one of hope, a dream and a determined young woman who desires to make the world a better place. It’s people like you who help make these stories possible.

Refugee Camp

Grace is one of six children raised by a single mother in a refugee camp in Liberia. The conditions of the camp and the living situation are something most of us will only experience by watching the news, but Grace lived it.

As a young child, she saw the lack of healthcare that was available to those in the camp and that government policies didn’t allow for increased funding to the refugee areas. The effects of this were catastrophic as people died daily from disease and illness. Determined to make a difference, Grace wanted to attend school so that she could pursue a career in the medical field.

Getting to the U.S.

In her early teen years, Grace was removed from the refugee camp by a non-profit organization. A journalist from the United States met Grace, and she instantly connected with her. By the grace of God, the journalist decided to sponsor Grace so that she could come to the U.S. and obtain her education.

Choosing CTX

Grace visited many college campuses but fell in love with Concordia because she felt like she wasn’t just a number. She recognized that the administration saw her as a person with the fire in her to be a leader and to make a difference. Finally able to work towards her dream, she is now pursuing her nursing education to enter the medical industry.

Now a sophomore student worker in the Student Activities department, Grace has immersed herself in many things that Concordia has to offer. One of her favorite campus activities is Coffeehouse because it provides the opportunity for students to showcase their many talents, and it gives people the chance to get to know each other.

If you ask Grace what she loves most about Concordia, she will tell you that she loves how comfortable people make you feel and that everyone is so willing to help.

Grace wants to finish her nursing degree and work both in the U.S. and Liberia. She hopes to one day run for the Ministry of Health in Liberia to help change the healthcare policies so that more people can have access to care.

You Can Make A Difference

I don’t know about you, but her story is truly inspiring to me, and I feel incredibly blessed that we are able to impact Grace in such a positive way. The generous donations to the Annual Fund and General Scholarship Fund have relieved much of her financial burden and provided Grace with the opportunity to focus on her education.

When you make a gift to Concordia, you are impacting lives in more ways than you know. Grace’s story is just one of the hundreds that we have to share.

Correction: Originally from Liberia, Grace is one of six children raised by a single mother in a refugee camp in Ghana.

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