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Host a Concordia Sunday

Celebrate a Concordia Sunday with your congregation.

Many churches celebrate Concordia Sunday on a coordinated day. If you would like to pick your own day, I would be happy to come there in person to speak with your congregation at a table in the entrance of the church, lead a Bible study or even preach.

Host a Concordia Sunday

Concordia University Texas has a wonderful team of clergy and professors who have various areas of expertise. We are willing to be flexible and to work to meet any vision or request you might have for Concordia Sunday in your congregation.

We have also prepared a few resources for you to share with your congregation that will educate them about the mission of Concordia University Texas and the great ministry God is doing in this place.

Please contact the Office of Philanthropy if you would like bulletin inserts, a banner or any other promotional materials made available to your congregation. Additionally, email the Office of Philanthropy if you need the video in a different format than what is available below.

At Concordia, we are here to serve you. We are excited to work with you!

We are happy to provide you with: