Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

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When a student (and parent if applicable) completes the FAFSA, the information provided on the FAFSA is placed in a formula, called the Federal Methodology, which is used to calculate the EFC. Sometimes, students and parents misunderstand the EFC number - it is not what they are required to pay out-of-pocket towards the student's education. The EFC is just an estimated number the federal processor derived to determine what the family can afford to contribute towards educational expenses. Student Financial Services uses the EFC to determine whether or not a student will be eligible for need-based aid, non-need-based aid, or a combination of the two.

If the EFC is greater than the Cost of Attendance, the student will only be eligible for non-need-based aid. If the EFC is less than the Cost of Attendance, the student will likely be eligible for some need-based aid.


Cost of Attendance