Student Financial Services Forms

Red notebook and pencilNot all forms are required of financial aid applicants. Student Financial Services will notify you if you need to fill out a specific form.

Accepting Your Financial Aid in MyInfo (E-Award) (PDF)

Affidavit of Citizenship Status (PDF)

Affidavit of Intent to Become a Permanent Resident (PDF)

CTX Financial Aid Terms and Conditions (PDF)


IRS Form 4506T (PDF)

Merit Scholarship Petition (PDF)

SAP Petition - Student Financial Services (PDF)

Special Circumstance Instructions (PDF)

TEACH Grant Information (PDF)

TEG Petition (PDF)

TEG Transfer Student Eligibility (PDF)


2018-2019 Aid Year

501(c)(3,6) Certification of Employment 18-19 (PDF)

DCE Certification Application 18-19 (PDF)

Declaration of Intent 18-19 (PDF)

Degree Verification 18-19 (PDF)

Direct Loan Instructions 18-19 (PDF)

Direct PLUS Loan Instructions 18-19 (PDF)

EPP Certification of Employment 18-19 (PDF)

High School Completion Verification - Student 18-19 (PDF)

Household Size Worksheet - Dependent 18-19 (PDF)

Household Size Worksheet - Independent 18-19 (PDF)

Income Status Verification 18-19 (PDF)  

Lutheran School Certification of Employment 18-19 (PDF)

Nontax Filer Information - Parent 18-19 (PDF)

Nontax Filer Information - Student 18-19 (PDF)

SNAP (Food Stamps) Documentation - Dependent 18-19 (PDF)

SNAP (Food Stamps) Documentation - Independent 18-19 (PDF)

Statement of Child Support Paid - Dependent 18-19 (PDF)

Statement of Child Support Paid - Independent 18-19 (PDF)

Tax Filer Information - Parent 18-19 (PDF)

Tax Filer Information - Student 18-19 (PDF)

Texas Core Residency Questionnaire 18-19 (PDF)

Texas Supplemental Residency Questionnaire 18-19 (PDF)

Verification of Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose 18-19 (PDF)

Verification of Untaxed Income - Dependent 18-19 (PDF)

Verification of Untaxed Income - Independent 18-19 (PDF)



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