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Our Commitment

As an institution of Lutheran higher education, Concordia University Texas is led by its mission of empowering students of all backgrounds to lead lives of critical thought, compassionate action and courageous leadership. In alignment with this mission, we believe that a commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity is a key component of becoming the premier university where the adventure of faith, learning and life-changing experiences leads to meaningful work.

Concordia should be a place where people of all backgrounds can come together, reason together, think together, believe together, learn together, create together and succeed together. We are committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity because we are compelled by our purpose, our mission, our vision, our values, and because of our faith, a faith in which we are called by Christ to love and serve our neighbor.

At Concordia University Texas our theology, history, and practice help to shape how we think about and live out this commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity. Because members of this community will have differing perspectives on this commitment, we also dedicate ourselves to dialogue, patience, empathy, and to practice our values of trust and courage.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee (DEIC) was established to develop, coordinate, support, implement, and assist with the diversity and inclusion framework for the campus community.

DEIC Members & Workgroups

Education & Training Programs, Activities & Events Surveys & Assessments Services & Resources Teaching & Learning for Faculty
(Office of the Provost), Lead & Co-Chair Alex Walker Trey Buchanan, Lead Candice Hill, Lead Jo McIntosh, Lead
Randa Scott Ashley Giraud Meghann Bolton, Co-Chair Cindy Melendez Ann Schwartz
Sally Mercer Maigan Pearson   Scott Davis Erik Green
Maria Elizondo Lauren Moore   Daniel Gregory Jeffrey Utzinger
  SGLA Representative   Nicole McCoy Carl Trovall
      Manuel Jimenez Gregory Coleman
        Mary Kay Johnston
        Giannina Lawhon
Campus Climate Response Team

The Campus Climate Response Team (CCRT) serves as a university-wide strategy resource team that develops and facilitates the implementation of appropriate responses to campus climate incidents impacting the campus community. Through the work of the CCRT, potential gaps in policies and procedures that may impede the University’s ability to minimize campus climate incidents may be addressed, increasing the likelihood of creating a more welcoming and inclusive environment.

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Initiative Accomplishments

One of the ongoing initiatives from our institutional 2016–21 Strategic Plan is to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion across campus and support cultural competency in faculty, staff, and students.

Strategic Initiative 4.7 Summary of Accomplishments

Since the launch of the initiative, there have been many accomplishments.

DEI Accomplishments by the Numbers Our Status as an HSI

DEI Contact

Office of the Provost