Academically-Based Service-Learning


Academically-Based Service-Learning (ABSL) provides students with the opportunity to engage in service-learning in connection with their courses through linking service experiences with relevant assignments and activities. Through this integration, service becomes a pedagogical tool that is used to meet course objectives as well as a way to serve individuals and communities. ABSL may be used across disciplines.


  • Include service-learning as an option in place of another requirement for a class, such as a paper.
  • Make service-learning a requirement for a particular course, relating the assignment to specific course objectives (more integral to the particular objectives of the course).
  • Design a 1-credit service-learning component for students who register for this option.

 Faculty members, if you are considering ABSL, the Service-Learning Program can assist you by:

  • Providing resources research syllabi, information on local organizations, books on service-learning
  • Serving as a liaison between you and a service organization
  • Giving students ideas for service opportunities
  • Providing help with publicity, facility use, and other needs that arise
  • Helping you celebrate success!

Here is a useful resource that provides discipline-specific ideas for ABSL projects:

Sample Syllabi from Campus Compact

Printed handouts and books that discuss ABSL ideas are also available in the Service-Learning Center (F-201).

 Please share what you are doing!

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Word from a Student

Click on the link below to hear a short message created and produced by Deanna Schaekel, Service-Learning Leader 2009-2010. Deanna shares some of her own experiences with Academically-Based Service-Learning at Concordia University Texas.

Encouragement to Consider Academically-Based Service-Learning