The English program provides a high level of skill and appreciation in the art of language. Students learn:

  • To write precise and stylistic English,
  • To organize and communicate ideas effectively,
  • And to appreciate, analyze and interpret various types of literature.

Special Features

Students in the English program have opportunities for study in their areas of special interest through independent study and topics overseas.

Career Opportunities

Students majoring in English find employment in any field which emphasizes the use of language, clear expression and logical thinking.

Advertising agencies, public relations firms, publishers, broadcasters, state agencies and large businesses all require employees who are skilled in written communication. The top priority of most major employers in any field of industry are employees with outstanding oral, presentation, and written skills.

Students majoring in English frequently choose teaching as a profession, either on the college level (after graduate school) or on the secondary level.

(A secondary teaching certificate requires additional coursework in education, also available at Concordia.)

A major in English equips students for successful entry into graduate school in the liberal arts, particularly in fields such as English, American Studies and Journalism. It is also outstanding preparation for law school or seminary students.

Program Sheet

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