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Suspicious Letter or Package

Protect yourself from suspicious mail.

Although related occurrences are generally rare, the Concordia University Texas Police Department would like to share some information regarding suspicious letters, packages and items.

Common Features of Suspicious Items
  • Packages/letters that are unexpected or from someone unfamiliar to you
  • No return address or a return address that cannot be verified
  • Marked with restrictive endorsements - IE: "PERSONAL," "CONFIDENTIAL," "DO NOT X-RAY"
  • Protruding wires or aluminum foil
  • Has a strange odor or stained
  • City in the postmark doesn't match the return address
  • Oddly shaped; lopsided
  • Marked with threatening language; inappropriate or unusual labeling
  • Has excessive postage or packing material - IE: masking tape and string
  • Has common words misspelled
  • Has incorrect titles and/or titles without a name; not addressed to a specific person

If You Receive and/or Notice a Suspicious Item

  • Do not handle it
  • Do not shake or bump it
  • Do not open, smell, or taste it
  • Treat it as suspect

If you have any concerns or locate an item you believe is suspicious, contact the CTX PD at 512-313-3311.