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Vehicle & Parking Information

Learn the parking policies and procedures for students, visitors, and employees.

The Concordia University Texas parking policies were developed in an effort to provide equitable assignment of privileges and to maximize use of all areas in the best interest of the entire population of the university - employees, students, and visitors.

Parking Policies

Online Parking Permit Application
Complete all required fields in the form. Bring your driver's license and your current proof of liability insurance coverage to Tornado Prints (Building F) to obtain your parking permit.

Online Appeal Application
Without exception, all parking citation appeals must be filed within (10) calendar days of the citation date.

Map of the parking lots for Concordia University Texas

Parking Procedures

The general procedures for parking and/or operation of a motor vehicle at Concordia University Texas (CTX) were developed in an effort to provide equitable assignment of privileges and to maximize use of all areas in the best interest of the entire population of the university - employees, students, and visitors.

Operating a vehicle at CTX is a privilege, not a right. Visitors, students, faculty, and staff are expected to be familiar with and to abide by these procedures. The responsibility for obtaining knowledge of all parking policies and procedures rests on the individual and is not the responsibility of the university. Any amendments to these procedures will be posted online as soon as possible.

Texas laws governing the use/operation of motor vehicles are applicable on the CTX campus. It should be noted that CTX assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents while the vehicle is being operated or parked on university property. However, effort will be made by the Concordia University Texas Police Department (CTX PD) to protect all vehicles, property of students, and the university.

CTX is not responsible for bodily injury resulting from the operation of a motor vehicle, rollerblading/skateboarding, bicycling, or walking while on university property.

Parking Authority & Control

CTX PD is the parking authority for all university property. The Chief of Police is responsible for establishing procedures for the use of any parking area on university property or for any university property that could be used for parking, even if it is not specifically designated for parking. These areas include but are not limited to athletic fields, driveways, loading areas, and lawns. However, as a general rule, it should be noted that vehicles are prohibited from parking on lawns and/or grassy areas.

The university reserves the right to remove any abandoned motor vehicle, any vehicle with no license plates or any vehicle parked in such a way as to constitute a hazard to vehicles, to pedestrian traffic or to the movement and operation of emergency equipment. The owner will be responsible for any charges related to removing, impounding or storing of any towed vehicle.

Operating or parking a motor vehicle may be prohibited under emergency and/or other law enforcement operational necessities. It is prohibited for any person to violate police instructions related to this section. In such circumstances, a citation will be issued for violators.

Parking procedures are considered in effect all day, every day.


  • University property is interpreted to include all properties under the control and jurisdiction of the Board of Regents of CTX.
    Campus area refers to all university owned or controlled property, whether on the main campus or off-campus.
  • Motor vehicle is interpreted to include automobiles, buses, trucks, motorcycles, motorbikes, motor scooters, and mopeds.
  • Other vehicles include any mechanism or device that can be used for the transportation of passengers or cargo. This definition includes but is not limited to bicycles, skateboards, roller-skates, and in-line skates.
  • Visitors are defined as anyone who is not enrolled in classes or works for the university and who is not otherwise affiliated with the university in any way.
  • Parking permit is defined as any hang-tag, decal, or emblem authorized or issued by the CTX PD to allow the user to park within the CTX Parking System.
  • Parking zone refers to a series of parking areas in which a particular permit is valid.
  • Parking space is defined by two (2) white parallel stripes or one (1) white stripe and a curb, building, grassy area, (2) grass sides obviously designating a space to be utilized for parking, etc.

General Procedures

Barricades - Disregarding an official traffic control device is strictly prohibited. This includes driving around, moving or running over cones, barricades or other traffic control devices.

Bicycles - All people who operate a bicycle on university property, regularly or occasionally, are required to register the bicycle with CTX PD and are required to display the current parking permit. Texas law affords bicycle riders on roadways the same rights as motorists. Accordingly, cyclists are subject to all the duties applicable to drivers of a motor vehicle. Cyclists are reminded that sidewalks are for the primary use of pedestrians, so caution and courtesy should be exercised when riding on same.

Obtaining a Bicycle Parking Permit

Bicycle parking permits at CTX are free. To obtain a bicycle parking permit you must have the following information and go to Tornado Prints: name, address, telephone number, email, brand and model of bicycle, color, frame style (male or female), wheel size and any other identifying features.

Any bicycle left on university property during the summer will be considered abandoned, unless prior arrangements have been made with CTX PD. Bicycles left on campus will be confiscated and replacement locks or storage fees will be the responsibility of the owner. After 90 days, the confiscated bicycles may be sold.

Citation/Violation Appeals

Faculty, staff, and students have the right to appeal any parking violation issued on university property - except for the below reasons. The Chief of Police or their designee has the right to deny, approve, or adjust any parking appeal.

Appeals based on any of the following will not be accepted:

  1. Duration of time parked in violation
  2. Time of day or night the citation was issued
  3. Parking lot being full
  4. Punctuality (running late)
  5. Lack of familiarity with existing parking regulations

An appeal form may be filled out online or in person at the police department within ten (10) calendar days after a citation has been issued. Appeals submitted after the tenth day will not be accepted.

Motor Vehicle Parking Permits

All administration, faculty members, staff, students (full and part-time) and visitors who operate a vehicle/motorcycle on university property, whether regularly or occasionally, are required to register their vehicle with Tornado Prints. In addition, a current year parking permit is required to be displayed on same.

  • Instructions for properly affixing permits can be found on the permit itself

Parking permits are the property of CTX and must be returned upon request.

A parking permit is no guarantee of a parking space near the place where one works, resides, or attends class. Accordingly, inability to locate a parking space does not justify curb parking, parking in grassy areas, parking on sidewalks or in other manners violating sections of these procedures.

Obtaining a Parking Permit - Vehicle parking permits at CTX are currently free; however, that is subject to change in the future. Parking permits are available at Tornado Prints, located in Building F [The Library].

** Parking permits expire annually on August 31st. Accordingly, parking enforcement is subject to begin on September 1st. **

Visitor / Temporary Parking Permits - A visitor parking permit will be issued to any visitor of the university by showing a valid drivers license at the front gate. In addition, if your regular vehicle is inoperable, you should obtain a temporary parking permit from Tornado Prints.

Classification and Displaying of Parking Permits

Lot A Parking Permit - This permit is for director level or above and may park in any lot except for handicapped spaces, fire lanes, red zones, and visitor parking. The Lot A parking permit must be clearly legible and properly displayed from the rear-view mirror of the vehicle at all times while on university property.

Lot B Parking Permit - This permit is for the rest of the faculty and staff and allows them to park in any lot except parking lot A, red zones, handicapped spaces, and visitor parking. The Lot B parking permit must be clearly legible and properly displayed from the rear-view mirror of the vehicle at all times while on university property.

Lot C Parking Permit - This permit is for commuter students and only allows them to park in parking lot C. The Lot C parking permit must be permanently affixed to the lower passenger side windshield on the inside of the vehicle. Taping or propping up of a parking permit is not considered to be permanent.

Lot D Parking Permit - This permit is for residence hall students and allows the owner to park in either parking lot C or D. The Lot D parking permit must be permanently affixed to the lower passenger side windshield on the inside of the vehicle. Taping or propping up of a parking permit is not considered to be permanent.

Visitor Parking Permits - This permit is only for visitors as defined above. Visitor Parking Permits to CTX are available at no charge and may be obtained at the front gate. Visitors may park in any designated parking lots on campus except for handicapped spaces, fire lanes, and red zones. The Visitor Parking Permit must be clearly legible and properly displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle at all times while on university property.

1 Day Permit - This permit is for students who currently do not have a permit for the vehicle they are driving. This permit is issued one time only, and it is intended to afford time to obtain a regular permit without fear of citation in the interim.

Temporary Parking Permits - This permit is for faculty, staff, and students driving a different vehicle (than the vehicle currently permitted with the university) to campus. Temporary permits are only issued to those persons who currently have a valid parking permit. Temporary permits are available for a period of up to three weeks. Temporary permits can be obtained at Tornado Prints. Temporary parking permits must be clearly legible and properly displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle at all times while on university property.

Disabled Placard or Plates - State of Texas Handicap plates and placards are available through your County Tax Assessor office. Legally issued and valid handicap placards or license plates are required for vehicles to legally park in campus handicapped spaces. CTX Police cannot issue temporary handicapped permits.

Lost or Stolen Parking Permit - In the event that a parking permit is lost or stolen, it should be reported immediately to the CTX PD. Failure to report a lost or stolen parking permit will result in responsibility for all fines assessed against the permit until the time the permit lost or stolen is reported to CTX PD.

Displaying a lost or stolen permit, a falsely made/altered permit or using a permit which had been issued to another person will result in a heightened fine and/or loss of parking privileges on university property.

Falsification of Parking Permit Information - Falsification of information on a vehicle, motorcycle, or bicycle registration will result in a fine and/or loss of parking privileges on university property and/or a combination of both fine and parking privilege revocation.

Open Parking - After 4:30pm, vehicles may park in any lot. However, they are required to have a valid parking permit. Vehicles must be parked in a defined space and are not allowed to park in handicapped spaces (unless they have appropriate state issued handicap placard or plates), fire lanes, red zones, visitor parking spaces and/or other clearly prohibited spaces (IE: parking at the gymnasium, or in space designated as reserves or for 15 minute parking, etc.). Vehicles that park in a lot after 4:30pm must move by 6:00am the next day or be held accountable for any citation(s) issued to the vehicle.

Effective August 2018: The northwest end of Tornado Lane has been converted into an additional (38) parking spaces. They are open for use to any permitted vehicle - students and employees. It should be noted that these spaces cannot accommodate oversized vehicles.

Parking Privileges - Parking privileges may be temporarily suspended at any time to accommodate special events or other needs of the university. Parking privileges may be suspended due to excessive fines and/or unwillingness to follow parking procedures. Responsibility for finding an authorized parking space within the zones designated by the permit rests solely with the motor vehicle operator.

All vehicles must park within a defined parking space (as defined above). Parking wholly within the marked parking space is required at all times. Those vehicles parked beyond the boundary will be considered not parked completely in the space and will be subject to parking violations.

Any vehicle parked parallel on a roadway must face the direction of authorized traffic movement. The fact that other vehicles are parked improperly will not constitute an excuse for improper parking of any vehicle.

Parking a vehicle in any place that will create a traffic hazard or obstruct access is prohibited and may result in the vehicle being cited or towed.

Miscellaneous Provisions

Parking Violation and Responsibility of Parking Permit Owner - Students receiving a parking violation may pay the violation at Student Central, located in Cedel Hall. The fact that a citation is not issued when a vehicle is illegally parked does not mean or imply that the procedure is no longer in effect. The person in whose name the parking permit is issued will be held responsible for that vehicle and the violations issued to it.

Pedestrians - Pedestrians have the right-of-way at marked crosswalks, in intersections, and on sidewalks extending across a service drive, building entrance, or driveway. Pedestrians crossing a street at any point other than within a marked crosswalk or within an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection shall yield the right-of-way to all vehicles on the street. No pedestrian shall stand on the traveled portion of any street, alley, or driveway in such a manner as to obstruct or prevent the free flow of traffic.

Recreational Vehicles - Recreational vehicles are prohibited from overnight parking or camping on campus without prior authorization and permit issued by the CTX PD. RVs may only be parked in areas designated by the CTX PD.

Rollerblade or skateboards - Rollerblades and skateboards are allowed on university property. Rollerblades and skateboards will not be permitted on or in buildings, on rails, steps, retaining or landscape walls, benches, handrails, etc. Rollerblade and skateboard personnel must yield the right of way to pedestrian and vehicular traffic at all times.

Sidewalks - The use of campus sidewalks by motor vehicles other than authorized emergency/facilities management vehicles for driving or parking is strictly prohibited. Motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds (gas or electric) are not to be operated or parked on sidewalks for any reason. Electric mobility devices used by disabled or handicapped persons are exempt from this procedure. Parking or operating a motorcycle on a sidewalk is cause for a citation/fine and immediate revocation of the campus parking permit privileges.

Speed limit - The speed limit for all vehicles in a parking lot is 10 MPH. A 15 MPH speed limit will be enforced for vehicles traveling on any street on university property.

Golf Carts or Cushmans - Privately-owned golf carts, Cushmans, or other slow moving vehicles are not permitted on university property.

Stalled or disabled motor vehicles - The owner/operator of a vehicle which becomes stalled or disabled on any part of the university parking system must notify the CTX PD immediately. Otherwise, the owner/operator will be held accountable for any citation(s) issued to the vehicle or for any impoundment or towing-related fees.

Trailers - Trailers, whether towed by a vehicle or parked independently, are prohibited from parking on university property without prior permit and permission from the CTX PD. Trailers may be required to park in designated areas only.

Any questions or concerns about these procedures can be directed to CTX PD located in D-138 or by email at

Fine Schedule

Violation Fine
Disregard Barricade $75.00
Disregard Stop Sign $75.00
Disregard Traffic Control Device $75.00
Fail to Display Current Permit $75.00
Fail to Park in Designated Space $75.00
Habitual Violator (3+ Prior) $75.00
Improperly Affixed Permit $50.00
Park Where Prohibited $75.00
Parked 15 Minute Zone $75.00
Parked in Fire Lane $175.00
Parked in Handicap Space/Zone $175.00
Parked in Reserved Space $75.00
Parked in Visitors Zone $75.00
Parked on Grass $75.00
Reuse of Citation $75.00
Speeding >=10% Posted Limit $75.00
Striking Gate $150.00
Tires Left to Curb $75.00
Vehicle Blocking Driveway $75.00
Blocking Handicap Access $175.00
Parked in Incorrect Parking Lot $75.00
Vehicle Parked on Sidewalk $75.00
Wrong Way on One Way $75.00
Use of Cell Phone $75.00
Unattended Motor Vehicle $75.00