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MyInfo for Students

MyInfo is your one-stop shop for viewing your grades, transcripts, class schedule, financial aid status, tax forms, as well as updating your contact information. MyInfo is also the place where you can register for classes as well as drop courses on your schedule.

Account Creation

Your MyInfo account is automatically created as soon as you are admitted as a student here at Concordia and issued a CTX ID Number (also known as a Banner number or B00 number).

User IDs and PINs

In order to log into MyInfo, you will need two things: your CTX ID number and your PIN. Note: these are completely different from the credentials you use for email, WebCT, or anything else. You should have received an email from either the Helpdesk or another individual from IT with your UserID as well as your PIN.

  • Your User ID is your full CTX ID number. It includes the capital B and the two zeros that follow. Yes, those are zeros - not letter o's.
  • Your PIN is a unique 6-digit number (look for it in your email).
Security Question and Answer and the Forgot PIN Button

MyInfo requires that you create a security question and answer so that if you ever forget your PIN, you can click the 'Forgot PIN' button, answer your security question and your PIN will automatically reset. This is something you only have to set up once, but you can change it at any time. In order to use the Forgot PIN button, you must enter your User ID first. In addition, you must type the answer to your question exactly as you did when you set it up - capitalization counts! If you use the Forgot PIN button and you answer your security question correctly, you will immediately be told "You need to change your PIN". This will allow you to set your own PIN again - and hopefully you'll remember it this time.

Logging In for the First Time

If you've never logged into MyInfo before, have no fear! Just follow these easy steps:

  • Click on the MyInfo link from one of many locations on Concordia's website (including the homepage). Then click 'Enter Secure Area'. A page will appear that asks you for your User ID and your PIN. Enter them exactly as they appear in the email that you received. Once you do that, click 'Log In'. Upon this initial login, you will be immediately told that your PIN has expired. There are three fields that must be filled in: in the field titled, 'Old PIN' enter the one you used to log in initially (the one from the email). Where it says 'New PIN' type in your own 6-digit number. This has to be 6 digits - no letters or symbols - numbers only. Re-enter the new PIN you created in the second field titled, 'New PIN' and click OK. After that, you will be asked to created a security question and answer.
  • Now it's time to set up your security question and answer. Create a question that has an answer that only you would know. Don't make it so obscure that you'll forget it after a week or two. Then create the answer that goes along with that question. Remember, if you ever need to use your security question and answer, you'll need to type your answer exactly the same way that you did when you set it up. Capitalization counts here.
  • Once you've set up your security question and answer, a screen will come up with a bunch of text that essentially says, "You're entering a secure area with access to lots of sensitive information about you. Don't let anyone else have access to your MyInfo account." Acknowledge the warning by clicking 'OK'.
  • You're in! Congratulations!! From here on out, you won't have to do all this set up to access MyInfo. All you'll need to do is remember your User ID and the new PIN you set up.