Student Password Reset Instructions

The Concordia Password requirements:

  • Be at least 10 characters long.
  • Must meet at least of the following requirements
    • Must contain at least 1 upper case letter
    • Must contain at least 1 lower case letter
    • Must contain at least 1 digit (numeral)
    • Must contain at least 1 special character (those characters above the number keys on a desktop keyboard, for instance)
  • In addition your new password:
    • Must not contain your username
    • Must be different than your prior password

New Password Reset Process

We have created a new password reset process that will help get you into your accounts more quickly and reliably. See our detailed instructions for how to get started (PDF).

***If you do not complete the new password reset enrollment process above, after July 8, 2021, you may experience interruptions in receiving new emails on your mobile device.***