Students in the Music MajorStudents in the Music Major

Music Major

Discover your gifts by studying Music at Concordia University Texas.

Whether you’ve studied music all your life or recently developed a musical interest, the Music Department at Concordia Texas has a place for you. Our program features small class sizes that allow you to receive customized instruction to grow your musical skills. You can also participate in ensembles that perform on campus, throughout Texas, and across the country. In study, rehearsal, and performance, you’ll have an opportunity to build community with others who share the same passion for music.

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Multiple Areas of Study

Multiple Areas of Study


Join an Ensemble

Join an Ensemble


Performance Experience

Performance Experience


Customize your Music Education

Students can specialize in one of the following areas:

  • Music Education equips students to teach in choir, band, orchestra, and elementary music programs (with optional EC-12 All-Level Music certification)
  • Music Ministry equips students to serve as professional church musicians with an emphasis in organ, piano, guitar, and voice.
  • Applied Music Majors can specialize in a number of academic musical areas, including theory and composition, pedagogy, and performance 

A Music Program Preparing You For Your Future

Dr. Marriott leading a music class at Concordia University Texas.

Learn and Lead

Music majors often lead small and large groups of students in ensembles, as conductors or worship leaders, and in many other capacities.

Dr. Whitney Music Department Chair leading a class

Learn from Industry Professionals

Located in Austin, the live music capital of the world, Concordia Texas collaborates with local and national musicians allowing students to learn from professionals.

Ensemble perfoming from the Music Program

Join an Ensemble, Gain Experience

Students can join ensembles that perform on campus and throughout the community.

High School Music Camp

CTX Music Department presents its first-ever music summer camp for high school students! Participants refine skills, explore various recording techniques, and record original music. Limited spots available. Secure your spot today!

High School Music Camp
Concordia University music director leading a high school music camp

Performance Experience

Musicians gain applied experience in on and off-campus performance opportunities, including chapel services, recitals, concerts, and tours.

Concordia University student from the Music program performing with the ensemble

Faculty Connections

Concordia Texas' music faculty connects students with the vibrant Austin music community.

Faculty Connections are made in the music major.

Small Classes, Many Music opportunities

Small class sizes translate into more flexibility in learning a wide range of musical styles giving students exposure to more career paths.

Music major students practicing in small classes
Career Outcomes
  • Music Educator
  • Music Ministry
  • Private Music Instructor
  • Performer
  • Song Writer/Composer


Concordia University Department of Music


Dr. Whitney Crowley

Concordia Texas' music department offers unique, student-oriented instruction to prepare students for future endeavors in music, community, and vocation. Students encounter opportunities to perform, create, and collaborate with musicians and community members. Students find leadership and community through music classes, rehearsals, and performances.

Dr. Whitney CrowleyAssistant Professor of Music | Music Department Chair | Symphonic Winds Director
Rev. Dr. Jim Marriott Director of Choral Activities Concordia University Texas

The music department at Concordia Texas offers students a unique, student-oriented, Christian environment in which to grow and develop as musicians and leaders. Our talented faculty invest holistically in the lives of our students, helping them prepare for lives of service in the world.

Rev. Dr. Jim MarriottAssistant Professor of Theology and Music | Chair of the Theology Department | Director of Choral Activities Concordia University Texas
Three music major students singing with the University Singers

University Singers

The University Singers at Concordia University Texas is an auditioned ensemble that studies and performs a wide range of literature with a distinct blend of artistry and ministry. The University Singers perform throughout the year in campus events and regional concerts. The choir serves our greater church community in annual tours, sharing the love of Christ through their musical offerings to schools and churches around the country.
Membership in the University Choir is open to all students regardless of major. Auditions are required and occur at the beginning of each fall and spring semester.

Students in the music program performing with Symphonic Winds

Symphonic Winds

The Symphonic Winds is an auditioned ensemble open to any Concordia Texas student at the university who has prior experience playing a woodwind, brass, percussion or string instrument. The ensemble performs a wide range of literature from marches and standard concert band literature to transcriptions, popular music and hymn settings. The ensemble performs regularly throughout the semester in campus events and regional concerts. The ensemble tours annually, performing across the country for churches, schools, and concerts.
Membership in the Concordia Texas Symphonic Winds is open to all students regardless of major. Auditions are required and occur at the beginning of each fall and spring semester.

Join an ensemble and start building your music skills and community.



Music Major FAQ

  • Why study Music at Concordia Texas?

    All our music majors gain applied experience in both on- and off-campus opportunities. Our faculty are connected to the vibrant music scene in Austin, and help students network, learn current best practices and find internships and employment. In a small program, you will learn many styles of music in many ways!

  • What will I learn?

    You'll gain experience in understanding:

    • Music theory, history, acoustics and audio theory, conducting, and other tools of professional musicians.
    • Repertoire and technique pertaining to your primary instrument of study.
    • How professional music careers work, from department budgets to how to run a private studio.
    • Ensemble leadership and how to organize groups of people.
  • What performance opportunities are available?

    The Music Department maintains an active performance schedule. You’ll especially enjoy our annual Lessons and Carols concert, along with our many other performances throughout the year. 
    Our ensembles plan to tour annually.  We also participate in worship on campus and in area congregations on Sunday mornings. Small ensembles are a regular part of the campus chapel schedule.
    Students taking private lessons are invited to perform on student recitals and master classes, which are scheduled throughout the year.

  • What is the Department of Music's motivation?

    The Music Department seeks to develop effective leaders for churches and schools. Students in any major may benefit from private lessons to develop personal performance skills.

    The University is served by its music students and faculty in a number of ways. Performing groups and individuals provide music for a variety of services and celebrations each semester, from the opening service through Baccalaureate and Commencement. Family Weekend and other special gatherings require a variety of musical forces.

    Performing groups go out on select Sunday mornings, carrying the message of Christ's love and reflecting the blessings which He has showered upon Concordia Texas. The face-to-face contact in congregations on Sundays, in concert performances, and on tour serves to introduce Concordia Texas to a wide audience.

Learn more about the Music Department and how you can become a Concordia Texas music major today.

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