Carry the Torch to shine a light for the next generationCarry the Torch to shine a light for the next generation

Carry The Torch

to widen the doors of higher education

Become a Torchbearer

Your monthly support makes a Concordia Christ-centered education more accessible and equitable to learners of all backgrounds and abilities.


College shouldn't be out of reach.

Young adults who need additional academic or financial assistance to succeed in college ofthen get left behind.  But when we don't give all students a chance, we're missing out on the next generation of bright, creative young leaders.  Barriers to education don't just affect prospective students, they impact the entire community.

At Concordia, we recognize the leader in every student.

We know that no two students are alike- and neither is their academic journey.  Your monthly gift fuels programs that give students the individualized advising and tailored support they need to overcome barriers, grow in faith, and succeed academically.

Be the Torchbearer in the lives of our future leaders.

Ensure academic well-being today to shape extraordinary futures.

When you become a monthly donor, you are part of a vital community of Torchbearers, recognizing the urgent need for higer education that is accessible, equitable, and Christ-centered.  We rely on Torchbearers like you to sustain and expand essential academic services to our students attract invested, caring faculty, and build a welcoming community where students can encounter Christ.

Peer Tutoring support


Equips students for success with peer tutoring


Therapy and emotional support


Provides access to therapy with a licensed counselor


Support incoming students


Funds a 4-day academic intensive for new students


Help foster life groups and the growth of students.


Supports life groups where students can learn about Christ


*Your gift makes opportunities like these possible.
Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. -Matthew 5:16

The impact of your contributions touch the lives of a diverse student population.

What does your impact look like?

Our goal is to be a good steward of your monthly gift. Here's how your generous donation will allow more students to achieve success at Concordia and beyond:

  • Continue offering holistic support through Student Central, our one-stop shop for assistance with registration, financial aid, and academic planning.  
  • Prepare incoming students for success through the Summer Bridge Program. 
  • Keep class sizes small so students have easy access to professors who care about their success.
  • Continue our mission of becoming a Hispanic Thriving Institution to best serve all of our students. 
  • Expand academic support through tutoring, writing assistance, and the on-campus Math Center. 
  • Invest in the spiritual lives of students through our Campus Ministry which hosts weekly chapel services, Bible studies, and mission trip opportunities.
  • Support student development inside and outside the classroom at the Student Development Center. 
  • Support the emotional and mental well-being of students with our counseling services. 
Become a Torchbearer to shape the next generation of leaders.

With access to the right support and resources, we believe every student can thrive. Become a Torchbearer today to build up the leaders of tomorrow.

Become a Torchbearer


Give and help light the way for the next generation.