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WebProxy is live!!

What is WebProxy?

CTX students can grant others access to view certain pieces of information that are normally available in their MyInfo account. This is termed granting proxy access and the other person is referred to as the proxy. The most common scenario is for a student to grant a parent or spouse access to his/her information; however, the student can choose anyone who has an e-mail address. By granting proxy access the student is giving CTX permission to share the selected information with that individual. This permission is necessary to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

The proxy/student relationship is controlled by the student. The student can create proxy user accounts and assign access to specific pages within MyInfo. Proxy users can potentially view items such as a students class schedule, final grades, academic transcript, and student account information. The student can reset a PIN for his/her proxy and can also choose to stop proxy access to his/her information. The student can also resend the login URL to the proxy. Requests to access student academic information and to become a proxy should be made directly to the student.

  • Web Proxy Access

    Proxy Access

    Concordia University Texas (CTX) Proxy Access System is available to all individuals who have been established as a proxy by a current CTX student and have entered their credentials. If you would like proxy access, you must contact your student.

    Student Instructions:

    • Proxy Creation and Set-up
    • You can set-up a proxy to have access to view your academic transcript, course schedule, final grades, and student account information. The view will look exactly like if you had clicked on the respective link in your MyInfo account.

    Proxy User Instructions:

    • Account Set-up: If you are designated as a proxy, you will receive an email with log-in information.
    • Any questions you have about the initial email should be addressed to the student granting you proxy access.
    • Any questions you may have about the information you are viewing should be directed to the student.
    • To access the Concordia University Texas Proxy System after proxy set-up has been completed, you may log in using the URL in the email you received with your proxy login credentials.
  • FAQs for Students

    What does it mean when I set up proxy access?

    • By setting up proxy access you are giving your consent for specific individuals to view academic information from your student record online. In addition, your consent indicates permission for CTX staff to discuss these specific items with these individuals as well.

    How many proxies can I set-up?

    • You can have as many proxies as you would like. However, you are responsible for managing each of these individuals access and answering any questions about access problems.

    How long will access be granted for once I add a proxy?

    • In the proxy system you can choose access start and end dates for your proxy.

    What if I change my mind and I no longer want someone to have proxy access?

    • You can end a proxy's access by changing the access end date.

    What if I want to keep my proxy but change the items that my proxy can access?

    • You can go to the Authorization tab under proxy access at any time to change privileges. Simply checking and unchecking boxes will automatically change authorization privileges.

    (Note: You will see a button on the right that you can use to e-mail your proxy.You must click this E-mail Authorizations button for the proxy to receive the email with their login credentials and list of authorized items.

    What if my proxy forgets their PIN?

    • They will need to contact you. You will click the reset PIN button at the bottom of the page. When you click that button it will automatically e-mail your proxy with a temporary PIN.

    What if my proxy loses the email with the Proxy Access URL?

    • Click the E-mail Authorizations button on the Authorizations tab. That will trigger an email to them with the URL and a list of items they are authorized to see.

    Can I give different proxies access to different information?

    • Yes. For each proxy you establish, you will be required to select from the pick-list what you want that person to have access to. You can customize the selection for each individual within the limitation of the drop-down list.

    If someone has been set up as a proxy by another student, if I want them to have access to my information, do I need to set them up as a proxy as well?

    • Yes. Each student must grant access to his/her information individually. No one but you can grant that access. You can setup a proxy with the same e-mail account as another student has used, but only you can administer access to your student information.

    How long does it take for my proxy to be notified that I have granted them access?

    • An e-mail is sent to your proxy immediately upon set-up.

    How can I determine if everything worked once I have set up my proxy?

    • You will see the proxy in your list. When you click on his/her name you can view under the Authorization tab, you can view the items which you have given them access.

    My proxy says that he/she has not received any e-mails to set-up their proxy access account. What do I do?

    • Be sure that your proxy has his/her e-mail set so that the messages are not going to his/her spam account.
  • FAQs for Proxies

    What do I do if I forgot my PIN?

    • Contact the student who gave you the proxy access. The student who authorized your access will need to log in to his/her account and reset you PIN. Concordia University Texas staff do not have the ability to reset a proxy PIN.

    The URL I used to initially sign up no longer works. How do I access proxy now?

    • The URL and password provided in the initial email are only valid for five days and are for first-time login only.
    • If you completed your first-time login successfully, use the URL from the second email you received for subsequent logins. The second email includes a list of pages you're authorized to see and the URL for ongoing access. If you lost the second email, let your student know. They can resend it to you by clicking on the Email Authorization link on the Authorizations tab.
    • If you have not yet logged in successfully, have your student click the Reset Pin button on the Profile tab. This will send you an email with a new temporary URL and password for first-time login. After that first-time login, use the URL from the second email for subsequent logins.

    I got an email with instructions, but when I went back a week later to set it up, it didn't work. Why?

    • The opportunity to set up your access with the information in the email is only active and available for five days. You need to contact you student and have him re-do the process.

    I used to be able to access information that I seem to no longer be able to access. What happened?

    • The student is in control of the information that a proxy can access. You will need to contact the authorizing student to resolve your access. Concordia University Texas staff cannot change what a proxy can access.

    I cant see all of my students information; who can change that for me?

    • Only the student granting the proxy access can change the permissions that are granted. Administrators, Helpdesk, Advisors, and Staff cannot change the permissions that are granted.

    I have access to information but I am unsure what some of it means. How can I understand what I am looking at?

    • Your student will be able to walk you through your questions since he/she is able to access the exact same information.

    I need to change my e-mail address linked to my Proxy Access Account. How do I do that?

    • On the Proxy Access profile page, update the e-mail address and click save. The system will then send two e-mail messages. The first e-mail is sent to the old e-mail address to indicate that a request for a change from this address has occurred. The second e-mail is sent to the new e-mail address indicating that a change to this address was initiated. The second e-mail contains a unique link which you will need to click to confirm the change is correct.

    When a proxy is given access to two or more students, can the access granted be different for each student?

    • Yes. Each student who grants proxy access has complete control over access to his/her information including start and stop dates and permission levels.