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Environmental Science & Conservation

Environmental Science & Conservation at Concordia University Texas

The Environmental Science and Conservation program at Concordia University Texas prepares students for a fulfilling career protecting human health and the environment. Students benefit from hands-on experiences in our nature preserve, the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, and Friesenhahn Cave. Environmental Science majors actively manage campus resources, engage in internships, and take part in initiatives like the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Texas Master Naturalist, and Gardening Club.

Concordia University Texas's Environmental Science program nurtures competent environmental stewards and conscientious citizens in an experience-based environment. Graduates gain practical skills through coursework and extracurricular activities, including numerous opportunities for professional certifications. The program fosters a passion for environmental work and a sense of connection to the campus and local community.


Hands-on Learning Experiences 


Deep Connection to Nature


Interdisciplinary Knowledge


Shape a sustainable future at Concordia University Texas

Join our program for hands-on experiences, a deep connection to nature, and a path to making a real impact.

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Concordia Texas environmental conservation professor leading a group of students on a field survey

Immersive Learning

Engage in hands-on experiences on-campus and off-campus for practical application of environmental knowledge.

Concordia Texas student studying in environmental science in nature

Nature Connection

Discover a sense of empathy and love for the environment, guided by values that extend care to every living creature.

A Concordia Texas student at graduation

Personalized Degree Path

Tailor your degree with customized paths, from technical skills in the BS to a flexible BA.

Thriving Careers Ahead

Prepare for a rewarding career in the growing field of environmental sciences. Make a positive impact on nature and society while working towards a sustainable future.

A Concordia Texas student presenting to peers

Hands-On Exploration

With our on-campus nature preserve, Balcones Canyonlands Preserve access, and Friesenhahn Cave, you'll actively apply knowledge through exercises and internships, gaining the skills needed to create real-world change.

The natural preserve on Concordia Texas's campus

Holistic Growth

Cultivate a deep connection to nature and empathy for people. Graduate with knowledge and empathy for the environments and creatures you'll protect.

Concordia Texas student getting advice from a professor

Tailor Your Journey

Explore career pathways like Wildlife Conservation, Environmental Law, and Research. Dive into project-based courses, spending significant time solving real-world problems on campus and across Austin.

A Concordia Texas student working in a lab
Sam Whitehead Environmental Science and Conversation Chair

Students interested in environmental careers will not easily find an immersive experience comparable to the one Concordia Texas offers. Because the university protects habitat for threatened and endangered species, our campus has a wild and rustic vibe and offers students opportunities for outdoor recreation and hands-on experiences. Our program’s focus on professional development means students will build impressive resumes and an extensive network while doing meaningful work on campus and beyond. Our classes are small, project-based, and often meet outdoors, which leads to a fun and productive experience for students and faculty.

Sam WhiteheadEnvironmental Science and Conservation Chair




Dive into Environmental Excellence

Turn your love for the planet into a purposeful career with the Environmental Science & Conservation program at Concordia Texas.

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Environmental Science and Conservation Career Outcomes
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Environmental Educator or Interpretive Specialist
  • Environmental Lawyer
  • Game Warden
  • Natural Resources Manager
  • Park Ranger
  • Recycling and Waste Management Specialist
  • Renewable Energy Specialist
  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Water Quality Scientist
  • Wildlife Biologist







Your journey to becoming an environmental leader begins here

Immerse yourself in hands-on environmental experiences, deepen your connection to nature, and kickstart a rewarding career. Join us in shaping a sustainable future.

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  • Can I specialize in a specific area of environmental science within the Environmental Science and Conservation program?

    Yes. The Environmental Science and Conservation program offers diverse Career Pathways, including Wildlife Biology, Ranger and Field Agent, and Environmental Law. These pathways allow you to focus your studies on specific areas of interest, providing a tailored approach to your environmental career goals.

  • Why will future employers care that I studied Environmental Science & Conservation?

    The economy of the future will be low-carbon and focused on protecting and restoring natural ecosystems. As our society transitions to green technologies and sustainable systems, students with a knowledge of interdisciplinary environmental issues will be well-positioned for success.

  • How does the program prepare students for environmental careers?

    The program combines theoretical knowledge with practical experiences, including internships and partnerships, ensuring students are well-equipped for successful careers in the rapidly growing environmental sciences field.

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