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International Admission

If you are a non-US citizen or non-permanent resident who would like to attend Concordia University Texas, but do not need an F1 Visa due to having other legal documents allowing you to live, work, and/or attend school in the US follow the Traditional Freshman or Transfer Student Application Process as well as the English Proficiency process.

  • Application Deadlines
    • Spring Semester November 1st
    • Summer Semester February 1st
    • Fall Semester June 1st

    The Admissions Office must receive all required admissions material by the appropriate deadlines.

  • Application Steps


    Complete the International Student Application for Admission and pay the non-refundable $50.00 application fee


    1. An official sealed transcript of all credits earned or attempted from each high school/or college/university.
      1. If the applicant did not attend high school and/or college in the US, then an official WES Foreign Education Credential Service evaluation of all secondary or post-secondary work completed outside of the United States is required. When selecting an evaluation, please choose the Course-by-Course report.
      2. If the applicant has completed the equivalent of a US high school degree, then a Basic Statement of Comparability Evaluation is required.
    2. English Proficiency
    3. Proof of Financial Support (PDF)

    Submitting transcripts and supporting documents

    Concordia University Texas
    Office of Admissions
    11400 Concordia University Drive
    Austin, Texas 78726

  • Admission Requirements

    Upon completion of the above items, the student's application will be processed. Admission criteria include:

    • Demonstrate English proficiency. See the English Proficiency guidelines.
    • The US equivalent of a high school diploma with a grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale for students entering as first-time freshman.
    • The US equivalent of at least a 2.0 grade point average on all college work attempted for students who have attended any higher education institution in or outside the United States.

    If the student qualifies for admission, a nonrefundable deposit of $275 must be made prior to registration for classes. Upon receipt of this deposit, the University will issue an I-20. Concordia's I-20 Designated School Official (DSO) is Angie Beasley. Please e-mail her with any questions regarding the I-20.

  • International Graduate

    Concordia University Texas welcomes applications from international graduate students. We look forward to having you join our vibrant student community in Austin, Texas.


  • Proof of Financial Support

    To qualify for a form I-20, you must prove that you are able to support yourself financially for a minimum of one year that you will be attending school in the United States. You must provide us with financial documents that cover the cost of your tuition, living expenses (housing and food), books, and supplies. This total may include additional money for dependents, if you have a spouse (husband or wife) and/or children with you in the USA. If you receive sponsorship, your sponsor(s) must sign this form. We must receive original bank statements that are dated within the last 90 days. The bank or financial statement must be in English and the currency in US Dollars.

    Proof of Financial Support Required Documents

    Select one or more ways that proof of financial support

    1. An original bank statement must be provided in USD, in English, and must be less than 90 days old.
    2. If a sponsor is supporting you, a signed Sponsor's Affidavit Annual Cash Support (PDF) is also required. This form must be printed, signed, and notarized or stamped by the bank where funds are kept and can be uploaded either at the end of this application or in the self-service center after you submit the application.
    3. If you have a scholarship or loan, an original letter from the contributing organization is required. Proof of financial support (PDF) is required, whether you are providing your own funds or will be sponsored by someone else. This form must be printed, signed, and notarized or stamped by the bank where funds are kept and can be uploaded either at the end of this application or in the self-service center after you submit the application.
  • Proof of Health Insurance

    Concordia University Texas has a health insurance requirement for international students that must be met each semester. All international students on non-immigrant visas are required by university policy to have health insurance coverage while at Concordia University Texas.

    International students have the below options to meet this requirement:

    Concordia University Texas Inbound 2022-23
    Monthly Rate HTH Rate
    Participant $174.05
    Spouse $671.05
    Child $257.70
    Children $515.40
    *up to age 64  
    • Provide Concordia university with proof of an alternative plan which is subject to review and approval by Director of Admissions. You must mail, fax or email a copy of the International Student Health Insurance Waiver (pdf) form as well as proof of coverage. Proof of coverage can be either a copy of insurance card or declaration from insurance company stating your coverage.

    Please contact Designated School Official (DSO), Angie Beasley, should you have any questions