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Campus Mail

The intra-campus mail system at Concordia is designed to enable communication between departments, individuals and students. Campus mail is for material relating to official University business.

Please do NOT send money to a campus mailbox.

Neither Concordia University Texas nor the United States Postal Service will be responsible for cash lost in the postal system.

Who qualifies to receive campus mail?

  • All current faculty and staff have mail delivery
  • All adjunct and emeriti professors can request mail services
  • All on-campus residents have a campus mailbox

What is restricted?

  • Political endorsements for on or off campus elections
  • Solicitations for external entities not officially associated with Concordia University Texas
  • Food, candy or any sugar-based product
  • Hate mail, chain letters, mail with obscene content
  • Letters to gain personal profit

Campus mail policy

Concordia University Texas maintains a campus mail system for the benefit of its faculty, staff, students and residents. The campus mail system should be limited in its use to prevent abuse and maximize the benefit of the campus community. To that end, the following are the requirements for mail being sent through campus mail:

  • Campus mail shall originate at Concordia University Texas to comply with federal Postal Express Statutes which prohibits mail from crossing postal routes without applicable postage;
  • Postal mail received with a generic address such as "Resident" or "Student" shall be thrown away as an unwanted solicitation;
  • Postal mail received in a bundle and addressed to generic recipient such as "Resident" or "Student" shall be discarded as an unwanted solicitation;
  • Campus mail "stuffings" shall be approved by a faculty or staff member, be created using Concordia University Texas resources and distributed for the benefit of Concordia University Texas programs;
  • All FERPA protected material shall be in a campus mail envelope or secured in such a way as to prevent confidential information from being disseminated;
  • Food and products that attract insects or rodents are prohibited in the campus mail.

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