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  • Office Supplies

    Office Supplies

    Support Services offers a wide variety of office supplies to university faculty and staff. Frequently-used supplies are held in inventory in Support Services for you to pick up. Office supplies held in inventory include pens, paper, folders, white board markers, ink cartridges, letterhead, envelopes, and much more. These items are billed back to your department and can be delivered during normal mail delivery or picked up during the day

    Support Services also offers a variety of supplies through Perry Office Plus with a one day delivery in most cases. Please contact Support Services at 512-313-4445 or with any questions for more information.

    Office Supply Request Form


    Concordia University has furniture standards set for desks and chairs. Please contact Support Services at 512-313-4445 or for options, costs and timelines.

  • Xerox Copy Codes

    Xerox Fleet printing

    Concordia has publicly accessible Xerox printer/ copiers in C 262, C 181, D 111, D250 and in the Library. To get your code set up, send your five digit hot stamp code on the reverse of your ID badge to Support Services and what your account is and it will be set up on the fleet.

  • Business cards & name badges

    Name badges and Business cards

    If you need a engraved name badge, please e-mail support Services Your name and credentials the way you wish to see it and you have two additional lines beneath for title and location if desired. Cost is $25.00 and takes about 2 weeks.

    Business cards can be completed here. Make sure to complete the text verification box. Once received, you will get a proof and an estimated delivery date. Cost for 250 single sided business cards is $25.00.

  • Express Shipping

    Faculty and staff, please note: if estimated shipping costs exceed $50, a budget officer's written approval will be required to ship the item.

    Overnight shipping


    Overnight mail service, FedEx Express Mail, is offered through FedEx for university business for faculty and staff. FedEx is our preferred vendor for overnight shipping with guaranteed lowest prices available for overnight, international and freight shipping needs. Prices are fixed, check with Support Services for more details. FedEx charges are billed back to your department at the end of the month.

    Items being sent FedEx Express Mail must be delivered to Support Services before 3pm in order to arrive at their destination the following business day.


    Overnight mail service, Express Mail, is offered through the US Postal Service for all students, faculty, and staff. Express Mail prices are based on size and weight. For an exact price, please visit the United States Postal Service website. These charges are internally billed back to the department that sends the items.

    Items being sent Express Mail must be delivered to Support Services before 11am in order to arrive at their destination the following business day.

    Please remember, items being sent overnight to a post office box MUST be sent Express Mail through the United States Postal Service.


    UPS is available through Support Services.

    Do not request overnight shipping if the recipient is closed. You will be charged the overnight shipping rate regardless if the recipient is available or not.

  • Mail

    Mail preparation guidelines

    When sending out mail please make sure:

    • Envelopes are not overfilled (especially if we are sealing them).
    • An account number or a department is listed on the envelope or on a batch of letters.
    • Address is seen clearly through the window if using window envelopes. (Federal regulations state that the entire address must be visible or the mail will be returned as undeliverable).
    • Mail can be banded together, stacked in a box or delivered loose. If mail is loose, please make sure your account code or department name is on each envelope.
    • Please avoid using just your name because it forces the department to assume which code you want us to use.
    • For information on delivery speed, tracking, and signatures, please see: Postage Primer (PDF)

    With three business days lead time, Support Services will be glad to customize your envelopes with your department name.

    Bulk mail

    Bulk mail requires five business days to prepare the first 3,000 pieces, and one business day for each subsequent 1,500 pieces. An approved requisition for postage must be signed and given to Support Services before we can begin work on the mailing. All bulk postage requests must be given to Support Services at least five business days in advance to secure and deposit the required funds with the USPS.

    Mailing lists

    Support Services can merge a mailing from Microsoft Word or InDesign, print letters at high speed on letterhead and coordinate mail preparation for your mailing. All mailings done through Support Services will have data quality run to remove any undeliverable addresses.

    Please contact us with any questions or if you need to set up a university mailing.