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Information for Parents

  • Mail & Packages

    To send mail or packages to your student, please address to:

    Student name
    Mail box (if known, not required)
    11400 Concordia University Drive
    Austin, TX 78726

    Mail is delivered every afternoon Monday through Friday unless the University is closed in which case mail is received and delivered the following business day.

    If a package is received that is too large to fit in the mail box, an e-mail is sent upon arrival to the students CTX e-mail account. If a package is perishable, it is indicated in the e-mail. If a phone number is included on perishable packages, we will call the student to let them know it has arrived. Packages can be picked up at Tornado Print and Mail in building F between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, unless the University is closed.

    An Important Note About USPS Delivery Confirmation:

    The USPS considers packages delivered when they do the final delivery scan at the USPS station that delivers our mail. In many cases it makes it appear that a package has been received when Concordia has not received it. If a delivery confirmation shows delivered before 11:00 am on a business day, CTX will not receive it until the regular mail delivery during the noon hour of that same day. If a delivery confirmation shows delivery on a Saturday or on a day that Concordia is closed, CTX will not receive it until the following business day during the noon hour.

  • Special Deliveries

    If you wish to send a special treat or gift that is not sent to Concordia vie USPS, FedEx or UPS such as flowers or cookies, please let the vendor know to deliver to building F, Tornado Print and Mail. The contact number is 512.313.4445. Please make sure to include the students phone number so we can contact them and let them know it has been received.

  • Services Offered

    Your student can ship packages using the best method through USPS, FedEx and UPS; we can rate shop the best price for shipping packages as needed. We can meter mail for your student and offer all USPS services except Registered Mail.