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Mail Delivery

Standard daily mail procedures

  • We generally receive mail around 1 pm daily.
  • Mail is sorted and distributed simultaneously for faculty, staff and students.
  • We generally have mail delivered to boxes by 2 pm daily.
  • Unidentified mail is opened by the Director and distributed to the most appropriate department or individual.
  • Packages, large envelopes, books or bundles of mail are set aside and tagged with a package slip.

Suspicious mail

Suspicious mail will be handled according to the United States Postal Service regulations, which can be found at USPS security guidelines.

Mail Delivery

Mail is delivered daily in the afternoon to the *standard route* Faculty in the College of Business and College of Education have their mail distributed through their department. The College of Science and College of Liberal Art faculty have mail boxes in the Annex of Building A. Most staff have their mail delivered to their departmental office. Current mail run sequence is:

North Run South Run
Admissions Sodexo/ Building E
Student Activities Library
Facilities Student Services
The Concordia Bookstore CanDo
Help Desk Athletics/ Building G
Student Central Residence Halls
Student Financial Services  
Dean Suites  
Executive Suite  
Human Resources  
University Police  
EVP Office  
Business Services  
External Relations