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Residential Life Policies and FAQs

Check out the Residential Life Manual or the 2022-2023 Housing Agreement Form for detailed information about our philosophy, values, policies and more!

  • What should I bring to campus? What should I leave at Home?

    What to bring

      Bed and Bath supplies
      XL twin sized bedding
      Regents Hall Only: Small refrigerator (approx. 3.1 cu. ft.)
      Clothes hangers
      Laundry Detergent/Basket
      A small vacuum cleaner (Alumni/Founders)
      Toilet Paper
      Bathroom and other room cleaning supplies
      Trash can
      School Supplies
      Pens, paper, pencils
      Tape, scissors
      Push-pins, paper clips
      Organizer, planner
      Ethernet cable
      Desk Lamp
      Iron and Ironing board
      Television (if you choose)
      Umbrella or a raincoat
      A small sewing kit
      Power Strip with long cord
      Storage containers
      Small first aid kit
      A small overnight bag or suitcase

    What to leave at home

      Refrigerator (if in Alumni/Founders Hall)
      Air Fryers
      Weapons (swords, knives, martial arts equipment, guns)
      Additional furniture (couches, chairs, desks)
      Wireless routers
      Candles, fireworks, incense, combustibles
      Hot plates
      Illegal drug paraphernalia
      Animals and/or pets
      Things that will need lots of space or extra storage (an example would be a kayak)
  • Do I need Renters Insurance?
    • CTX recommends each student to purchase his or her own Renters Insurance.
    • The benefits of purchasing GradGuard Renters Insurance are as follows:
    1. Low $100.00 Deductible
    2. Replacement Cost: If a student's personal property is stolen or damaged due to a covered peril, it will be replaced with an item of like kind and quality.
    3. Worldwide coverage: Students' belongings are protected even outside their home.
    4. Electronics Coverage: Students' electronics, including their TV, laptop, smartphone, and tablet, are covered up to the policy limits.
    5. Personal Liability: If a student causes damage to property or injure to others, the student may be liable for the damages.
    6. Alternative to Homeowners Insurance: Not all Homeowners Insurance policies are the same. Limitations may apply when property is away from the principal residence. With Renters Insurance, personal belongings are covered whether the student is on-campus, off-campus, or traveling anywhere in the world, up to policy limits.
    7. For more information, please visit the GradGuard Website
  • What is my address and how do I get mail?
    • Students receive mail at: 11400 Concordia University Drive, Austin, Texas 78726
    • Letters are delivered to the student’s mailbox located in the residence halls
    • Large packages are picked up at the front desk of the residence halls located in H1 lobby.
  • Who is in charge?
    • Resident Assistants or RAs are in charge of the halls to which they have been assigned.
    • The Director or Residential Life is in charge of the Residential Life Program, the RAs, and the Residence Halls.
    • The Dean of Students supervises the Director of Residential Life as well as all students on campus.
  • How do I request a specific person as a roommate?
    • If students want to room together each student must include the other student(s) names on the online housing application.
    • Then all students must make the housing deposit.
    • Please be aware that roommate requests are not always guaranteed and are dependent on the completion of housing application, deposit, and available spaces.
  • What if I want to change roommates?
    • Communication is the key to most roommate conflicts. And conflict resolution is one of the important things that you can learn as a member of the residential community.
    • Residents that have roommate conflicts must first try to resolve the issues by communicating with the roommates. Resident Assistants will help with roommate mediation.
    • If the roommate mediation process does not prove successful, students are required to talk to their Resident Assistant and request a room change application form for the spring semester.
    • Room changes only occur after the twelfth class day.
    • All room changes must be approved by the Director of Residential Life.
  • Can students stay in the residence halls over holidays and breaks?
    • Residence halls are closed during the semester breaks occurring in the academic year, but remain open during other university holidays. The hall closing day will be determined by the Director of Residential Life and will be communicated to residents via email, floor meeting, and flyers on doors.
    • Students must vacate 24 hours after their last final or by 5:00pm on closing day, whichever comes first.
    • Sometimes students can stay if there are extenuating circumstances that would require staying on campus. However, students are encouraged to get away from campus.
    • If a student needs to stay on campus over holiday break, the student must submit an extended stay request.
    • Students are not allowed to have campus visitors when staying over break.
    • Other exceptions regarding students staying on campus over breaks are made in conjunction with campus employers and athletic departments for students to stay on campus for games, practice, or certain (not all) campus jobs.
  • Can I have a pet?
    • You can have a fish in an aquarium smaller than 5 gallons, if your roommates agree.
    • You cannot have any other pet.
    • The prohibition of pets does not apply to service animals and or emotional support animals. In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Fair Housing Act, Concordia University Texas will consider on a case by case basis requests for an emotional support animal in housing.
    • Students with animals on campus MUST first register with the Student Success Center.
    • Additionally, students with animals on campus will also need to complete the Service and Emotional Support Animal Procedure Acknowledgment and Information form.
  • Are there quiet hours?
    • Due to varied student schedules and lifestyles a policy of 24 hour courtesy hours is always in effect. Noise should always be contained to student rooms as not to disturb other residents. Always feel free to ask neighbors kindly, as a courtesy, for a quieter environment.
    • Officially quiet hours in and around the residence halls will be observed by all residents and their guests according to the following schedule: Sunday-Thursday: 10:00pm-8:00am Friday-Saturday: Midnight-8:00am
    • The use of equipment, such as stereos, radios, amplifiers, video game players, sports equipment and musical instruments, in a manner that violates a standard of quiet conducive to study or sleep is not permitted and may cause such equipment to be removed from a room. Stereo equipment or stereo speakers may not be placed facing out of an open window. Residence hall staff members reserve the right to confiscate these or any other items that interferes with the observance of quiet and courtesy hours in the residence halls.
  • Can guests visit and stay the night?
    • Anyone who is not registered to a room in on-campus housing is considered a guest.
    • You may host a guest in your room provided:
    1. The guest is of the same sex as the resident(s) and are not dating partners.
    2. Advance permission from roommates is obtained in writing
    3. The guest is properly registered and has completed the necessary documentation with the Office of Residence Life.
    • All guests are the responsibility of the resident with whom they are staying and are bound by the same principles, guidelines, and rules that apply to residents.
    • A guest may not stay for longer than three consecutive nights in any seven day period.
    • Overnight guests are not permitted during final examination days or during vacation periods, during breaks, or other days established by the University.
    • Guests may be permitted or denied at the digression of the Director of Residence Life.
  • What if I get locked out of my room?
    • First, call your roommate. If that doesn't work…
    • Second, call or find your Resident Assistant. If that doesn't work…
    • Third, call the RA on duty phone. 512-222-8972
    • If you have lost your key, ask your RA to fill out a key request on your behalf. Replacement keys are $25 charged to the student’s account.
  • What amenities do the residence halls have?


    • Basic cable service (must provide own coaxial cable)
    • Ethernet ports for internet access (provide own Ethernet cable)
    • Each room has its own restroom
    • Extra-long twin bed
    • Desk and desk chair
    • Chest of drawers
    • Microwave
    • Small refrigerator and freezer
    • Entertainment center
    • Laundry facilities located in the shared Lounge. The cost of using the facilities is included in room costs.
    • 24 hour on campus security
    • Access to the Residence Hall Lounge includes a vending machine, flat screen televisions, pool table, ping pong table, small kitchenette, study rooms, outdoor lounges and furniture.
  • Why should I want to live on campus?
    • Proximity to campus
    • Campus events – Students who live on campus are more involved, involvement is a key predictor to student success.
    • Networking opportunities—students that live on campus meet more people, make deep connections, and develop a network of support.
    • The Residence Life staff—the Residence Life staff are selected to challenge and support students and build campus community. They exemplify leadership, mentors, and friends.
  • Do members of the opposite sex need to be out of the room as a certain time?

    Residence hall visitation hours by members of the opposite sex to individual rooms and hallways, upon invitation by the resident are set within the established guidelines:

    Sunday-Thursday: 8:00am-midnight Friday and Saturday: 10:00am-2:00am

  • Are students required to have a meal plan?
    • All students living in the residence halls are required to have a meal plan.
    • Students with special dietary needs should work with the campus food service provider for accommodations. The food service provider is extremely accommodating and happy to help all students.
  • Am I required to obtain the meningococcal (meningitis) vaccination?
    • Texas State Senate Bill 1107, which was signed into law in 2011, requires all first-time college or university students under the age of 22 to show proof of meningococcal vaccination within the last 5 years.
    • For more information, please contact
  • What security is on campus?
    • The university has its own Police department. Security and Police officers monitor the campus for signs of unusual or criminal activity by making around the clock patrols and are available 24/7, 365 days a year.
    • Additionally, Resident Assistants are on duty each night from 5:00pm-8:00am. The Resident Assistants are trained to be attentive and responsive and to contact the Director of Residential Life and/or CTX Police when needed. All buildings and rooms are secured with locks and/or key card access.
  • How do I submit a Work Request?
  • How do I contact CTX res life?
  • How do I get a parking permit for my car?

    Parking permits are available through campus police

  • What are the rooms like?

    Dimensions of Rooms

    Amenities in Lounge

    1. Two flat screen televisions
    2. Two Pool tables
    3. One ping pong table
    4. One foosball table
    5. Kitchenette
    6. Laundry Room
    7. Study Rooms
    8. Couches and chairs
    9. Outdoor lounges with furniture
    10. Electric Piano in Lounge

    Amenities in Rooms

    1. 3 beds (x-long twin, which includes a mattress and bed frame)
    2. 3 desks
    3. 3 desk chairs
    4. 3 closets (2 built-in closets and 1 wardrobe)
    5. 1 Cisco telephone
    6. 1 microwave
    7. 1 small refrigerator and freezer
    8. 2 sinks
    9. 1 restroom
    10. Ethernet ports and wireless internet
    11. Basic Cable (Need to bring a Coaxial Cable; view What Should I Bring to Campus for more details on bringing a Television)
    12. There are approximately 7 residence rooms that comply with ADA regulations which have one sink in the restroom area
    13. The suites are full with furniture provided by Concordia University Texas. No additional furniture is allowed.
    14. Due to limited campus storage some double rooms may hold furniture for three. (there is no charge for extra furniture)
  • What are the housing rates?
    • Single $5600/semester (reserved for students with medical necessity)
    • Double $3300/semester
    • Triple $2400/semester
  • Are students who live on campus required to be on a meal plan?
    • Yes. Due to contractual obligations all on-campus students must also have a meal plan.
    • Students with special dietary requests are encouraged to speak with the food service manager for accommodations.
    • Contact the food service manager by email
  • Can parents or guests eat in the campus cafeteria?

    Yes! The campus food service accepts credit cards and cash for guests that don’t have a meal plan.

  • What size is the mattress?

    Mattresses are XL twin mattresses.

  • What are the meal plan costs?

    Contact your admissions counselor about current meal plan options:

  • When will I find out about my roommate?
    • Roommate matching happens throughout the summer. Depending on your application date you will receive information via email about your roommate(s) in July.
    • Your room assignment may change, therefore you will find out what room you are in at move in day.
  • When is hiring for Resident Assistants?
    • RA hiring starts in February for the next fall
    • Applications are followed up by personal interviews
  • What if there is an emergency?
    • Call 911 if there is an immediate threat.
    • Call campus police (512) 313-3311
    • Campus Police
    • Call your RA or the RA duty phone (512) 222-8972