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Master of Business Administration

Earn a Quality, Affordable MBA at Concordia

Whether your goal is to advance in your career, start a new business or become a community leader, the Concordia Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the next step in your journey to success.

  • Director's Message

    Elise Brazier

    Our program is committed to providing the highest quality of business education enriched by faith and values. Concordia's MBA intentionally focuses on a two-prong approach. Hard and soft skills are combined through a series of leadership courses nested in a relevant and vibrant curriculum to maximize personal and professional growth opportunities.

    Concordia's MBA program is accessible, so students can work full-time and attend courses only one night a week. Our unique cohort learning allows for a supportive environment, essential for practical experiences. Classes are taught by both full and part-time faculty who are highly credentialed, experts in their field of study, and engaged in the community. We believe the experience and diverse background of our faculty is an exceptional value for our students and their learning.

    The Concordia MBA is truly a powerful, transformational experience. I invite you to learn more about our outstanding program.


    Elise Brazier, Ph.D.
    MBA Program Director
    Concordia University Texas



Program Overview

Ranked as the most affordable MBA program (IPEDS 2018) in Austin, Texas, the Concordia MBA is unique because it challenges students to grow both professionally and personally, transforming themselves to transform the world. The program is designed for professionals with a sincere desire to become ethical, competent leaders in their industry, community and family.

As an on-campus or online MBA student, you will master core business concepts, quantitative tools and leadership skills to build a better future for yourself and your community.

Guest speakers, investment simulations, case studies, learning teams and a Capstone project are just some of the ways you will be exposed to real-world business issues and participate in making decisions that impact organizations and the wider community. Students have unprecedented access to IncubatorCTX, Concordia's on-campus entrepreneurial hub. In addition to networking events and the Speaker Series, IncubatorCTX offers students the opportunity to work with real startups.

Concordia's MBA intentionally focuses on a two-prong approach. Hard and soft skills are combined through a series of leadership courses nested in a relevant, vibrant curriculum to maximize personal and professional growth opportunities.

The flexible graduate program enables students to earn an MBA while working full time, either by attending evening class sessions once a week at the campus in Austin, Texas, or by completing coursework online.

Both the on-campus and online MBA programs utilize the cohort learning model, which allows students to form a close-knit, supportive professional network of 15 to 25 peers who complete the program together. Classes are taught by faculty members with an average of 15 years of industry-leading experience. The experience and diverse backgrounds of our faculty offer exceptional value for our students.

Curriculum Overview for the Master of Business Administration

As an MBA student, you will:

  • Complete 30 semester hours of coursework consisting of core business concepts, leadership modules and quantitative analytical tools.
  • Analyze case studies, complete practical assignments, reflect on your own leadership qualities, and challenge and support your fellow cohort members.
  • Attend class sessions one evening per week at the Austin, Texas, campus for four hours — with the first class meeting from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. and the second from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. — or take courses online. Concordia's small class sizes allow for an engaging experience for both in-person or online MBA students.

The Concordia MBA program can be completed in 20 months (five semesters) without a concentration or 24 months (six semesters) with an optional concentration: Healthcare Administration (HCA) or Organizational Development and Learning (ODL). A concentration adds another semester (6 credit hours) to the timeline of the MBA program, requiring 36 total credit hours of coursework. Students who opt to add a concentration to the MBA program begin taking HCA or ODL-specific courses in the fifth semester.

Students pursuing the general MBA take Entrepreneurship & Innovation and the Capstone course their final semester. For the semester-long Capstone course, students act as consultants and partner with an organization in the community to provide consulting and project management services (e.g., marketing plans, feasibility studies, business plans, social media campaigns, revenue projection models, etc.). Throughout the semester, students deliver reports and updates. During the last week of the semester, students formally present their reports to the business partners, Concordia faculty and staff, peers, alumni, community leaders and others.

The HCA concentration focuses on preparing students for management and leadership roles in the healthcare industry. Students explore strategy and business planning, ethical and legal issues, policy trends and management considerations, and quality methods for healthcare performance. The ODL concentration prepares students for roles in organizational management. Students explore organizational culture, talent management, corporate training and learning, and processes in consulting and coaching. Students pursuing a concentration do not participate in the Capstone course.

Program Benefits

  • Faith and values-based instruction
  • Flexible classes (on campus one night per week or online)
  • Leadership development
  • Ease of entry (no GRE/GMAT required, transfer up to six credits)
  • Instructors with industry experience
  • Affordable (locked-in tuition, financial aid available, Tornado Textbooks program)
  • Cohort learning community of support
  • Coursework integrated with real-world applications
  • Abundant networking opportunities

Career Outcomes

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Health Services Manager
  • Information Technology Director
  • Investment Fund Manager
  • Management Consultant

Concordia MBA Core Values

The Concordia MBA program is a community committed to transforming the world while we transform ourselves. This is not "A then B" but rather an on-going interplay between self transformation and changing the world.

These values provide guidance for how we live out that commitment.

As a community, we are:

  • Unapologetically hopeful

    We bring a sense of hope to our work, balancing support and a belief in possibilities with rigor and commitment.

  • On a journey of learning together

    Our community and classrooms are safe spaces to take risks and learn for both faculty and students. Transparency as well as intellectual and emotional honesty combine with caring and compassion to create this safe space. We preserve the integrity of our community by living what we teach.

  • Dedicated to making the world a better place

    With each interaction, we aim to leave things better than we found them. We consciously work to improve ourselves, our organizations, and our communities. Toward that end, we use assessment and evaluation processes and tools that reflect our values and enable continuous improvement.

  • Willing to step into the mess

    Life is messy. We are willing to deal with ourselves and our world as complicated and messy puzzles, wholes that are richer than the sum of their parts. By embracing paradox and creating a dialogue that honors all perspectives, we open a space for understanding the messiness and choosing a path.

  • All in this together

    We have a shared accountability for the success of each other and the community. As co-learners in this adventure, we are willing to allow our dialogue to transform us individually and collectively. We support the growth and integrity of the whole as well as our individual growth and integrity.


  • Why earn an MBA?

    An MBA equips you with advanced knowledge and expands your business acumen. Also, an MBAhelps you stand out in the job market, granting you access to advancement opportunities you may not be able to access without a graduate degree.

  • Why earn your MBA at Concordia?

    The Concordia MBA prepares students with a comprehensive knowledge of business and equips them with leadership skills. The program also offers students access to a network of experienced business professionals, including other students and faculty, who are engaged in the community.

    The final Capstone course enables MBA students to partner with an organization in their community to plan, develop and implement a project, solving real issues and developing a successful case study for their portfolio.

Meet the College of Business & Communication Faculty


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Everything we did in the MBA was practical to help us succeed in our careers in the real world, which is probably my biggest takeaway from the program.

Jake Irby, '17Opportunity to Cash (OTC) Process Specialist
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The program featured real-life experiences and scenarios that prepare you for success in the future. I valued the focus on leadership.

Alicia Allen, '17Senior Audit Associate
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My experience with the Concordia MBA program offered leadership lessons for both my professional and personal life. Much of what I learned was built on leadership.

Audrey Galindo Jaisingh, '18Lending and Compliance
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Earning my MBA at Concordia provided me with exceptional growth opportunities in both my professional and personal life...

Chris Knowles, '18Assistant Project Coordinator and Adjunct CTX Instructor