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Master of Business Administration

Earn a Quality, Affordable MBA at Concordia

Whether your goal is to advance in your current position, start a new business or become a community leader, the Concordia MBA is the next step in your journey to success.

The program is designed for professionals with a sincere desire to become ethical, competent leaders in their industry, community and family. As an MBA student, you will master core business concepts, quantitative tools and leadership skills to build a better future for yourself and your community.

Program Overview

Guest speakers, investment simulations, case studies, learning teams and a Capstone project are just some of the ways you will be exposed to real-world business issues and participate in making decisions that impact the organization and the wider community. Access to the IncubatorCTX, an on-campus entrepreneurial hub, allows students to interact with business innovators and community leaders and to reap the benefits of the hub’s programming.

Concordia's MBA intentionally focuses on a two-prong approach. Hard and soft skills are combined through a series of leadership courses nested in a relevant yet vibrant curriculum to maximize personal and professional growth opportunities.

Concordia's MBA program is flexible, so students can earn an MBA while working full time, either by attending evening class sessions every week or by completing coursework online. Our cohort learning model students to form a close-knit, supportive professional network. Classes are taught by faculty members with an average of 15 years of industry-leading experience in addition to a business-related doctorate. The experience and diverse backgrounds of our faculty offer exceptional value for our students.

Curriculum Overview for the MBA

As an MBA student, you will:

  • Complete 30 semester hours of coursework consisting of core business concepts, leadership modules and quantitative analytical tools,
  • Analyze case studies, complete practical assignments, reflect on your own leadership qualities, and challenge and support your fellow cohort members, and
  • Attend class sessions one evening per week for four hours — with the first class meeting from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. and the second from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. — or take courses online.

The Concordia MBA program offers two optional concentrations: Healthcare Administration (HCA) and Organizational Development and Learning (ODL). A concentration adds another semester (6 credit hours) to the timeline of the MBA program, requiring 36 total credit hours of coursework. Students who opt to add a concentration to the MBA program begin taking HCA or ODL-specific courses in the fifth semester.

Program Benefits

  • Offers classes on campus or online with a streamlined curriculum that can be completed in five semesters
  • Provides a cohort learning community to spark the collective development of courageous leadership
  • Provides you with specific skills in statistics, finance, economics, marketing and business strategy
  • Develops your leadership skills, enabling you to make a positive difference in the workplace and beyond
  • Integrates your coursework with real-world applications

Success Stories

Jake Irby

"Everything we did in the MBA was practical to help us succeed in our careers in the real world, which is probably my biggest takeaway from the program. I valued the amount of emphasis put into presentation skills, research, critical thinking and networking. The Capstone project was extremely powerful and helped prepare me for my first job. I found that a lot of people were familiar with the program in my random conversations outside of the classroom."

- Jake Irby, Class of 2017, Sales Enablement Coordinator at Rubicon Oilfield Int'l

Alicia Allen

"The program featured real-life experiences and scenarios that prepare you for success in the future. I valued the focus on leadership."

- Alicia Allen, Class of 2018

Audrey Galindo

"My experience with the Concordia MBA program offered leadership lessons for both my professional and personal life. Much of what I learned was built on leadership. There were very few tests and exams. Concordia teaches you how to develop a personal brand, so I can take pride in my title as a Concordia MBA graduate."

- Audrey Galindo, Class of 2018, Loan Officer at Advisa Mortgage Services

Career Outcomes

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Health Services Manager
  • Investment Fund Manager
  • Information Technology Director
  • Management Consultant


Why earn your MBA at Concordia?

The Concordia MBA prepares students with a comprehensive knowledge of business and equips them with leadership skills. The program also offers students access to a network of experienced business professionals, including other students and faculty, who are engaged in the community.

The final Capstone course enables MBA students to partner with an organization in their community to plan, develop and implement a project, solving real issues and developing a successful case study for their portfolio.

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