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Healthcare Administration

What Does it Look Like to Study Healthcare Administration at Concordia?

A BA in Healthcare Administration prepares students for the burgeoning healthcare industry. This major concentrates on developing the skills necessary to be a qualified, capable and confident manager in a variety of healthcare environments. Considerable attention is given to the development and articulation of a student’s individual ethical positions regarding the complex issues that often arise in this industry.

Program Overview

Completion of a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree in Healthcare Administration will allow students to have degree careers in the business operations of medical facilities. The degree prepares students to manage the finances, human resources and daily operations of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other related organizations. Students receive instruction on the fundamentals of business and the theories and practices applied to healthcare organizations.

The healthcare industry provides services for people of all ages. As chronic diseases increase, many students find their calling to help those who are ill. Healthcare Administration provides the necessary support to keep our hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities functioning effectively.

Curriculum Overview for BA in Healthcare Administration

Students will have the skills and competencies to work in a wide variety of industries in the health arena including governmental agencies, for-profit and non-profit organizations at the local, city, state, national and international levels. Explore many facets of the rapidly expanding healthcare industry, as your curriculum will encompass subjects like managing healthcare workers, community and public health and the social implications of healthcare issues.

Here are some highlighted courses:

Health Care Organization and Delivery: This course presents an overview of the healthcare system and the role healthcare organizations have played and will continue to play in the future. It provides an analysis of the organizational structure of healthcare organizations and other healthcare agencies.

Essentials of Healthcare Ethics: Students will learn to become conversant with both legal and ethical issues pertinent to the healthcare profession.

Legal Aspects of Healthcare Administration: Get up-to-date information on the newest laws affecting the healthcare industry. Students will learn to navigate the complex maze of the legal area of the healthcare system.

Program Benefits

Graduates with a BA in Healthcare Administration degree are prepared to pursue various entry-level or advanced positions in many different organizations such as hospitals, community health centers and nursing homes. Professionals with this degree will be in high demand, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows trends of high growth in health administration jobs.

Career Outcomes

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Social and Community Service Coordinator
  • Training and Development Specialist
  • Practice Manager
  • Health Insurance Specialist


Why study Healthcare Administration?

Have you heard the complaints of our healthcare system and wondered how to fix the problems? Be a change agent for the complicated system by learning how to improve healthcare beyond the prescription. Job prospects for medical and health services managers are continuously increasing.

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