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Academic Integrity

It is the official policy of Concordia University Texas that all acts or attempted acts of alleged academic dishonesty, whether on the graduate or undergraduate level, be reported to the Office of the Provost by way of the Dean of the respective school within which the course is taught. Central records will be kept in the Office of the Provost to guard against repeated acts of academic dishonesty.

Academic Integrity Policy

Violations of Academic Integrity Process



Concordia University Texas will maintain a Behavioral Intervention and Support Team, whose goal is to provide early support for and intervention to students who are exhibiting disruptive behavior in order to best serve them and enhance their opportunities for success as well as to protect the university community. The following policies are associated with Behavioral Intervention and Support Team.

Suicide Prevention Policy (PDF)

Voluntary Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA) Policy (PDF)


Voluntary Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA) Protocol (PDF)


Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassment Policy (PDF)

Title IX Information