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Student FAQs

Q: Who can I call when Im not sure who I should ask a certain question or where I voice a specific concern?

A: Student Central is the place to start. The Dean of Students also functions as a resource and referral agency for parents and students.


Q: Where are Student Central and the Dean of Students located?

A: Student Central is located in Building C, room C-256, and the Dean of Students is located behind the Library in office F-220.


Q: Are counseling services available?

A: The Counseling Center, located in the Building A, is staffed by a Licensed Professional Counselor who assists students with social, personal, emotional and psychological concerns or problems. To schedule an appointment please complete the intake form. The Director of the Student Success Center is available for assistance with academic support (learning strategies, organization, and time management) and disability support in Cedal Hall. The Campus Pastor counsels students about spiritual issues.


Q: What is the University's policy on alcohol?

A: Concordia University Texas abides by Texas state laws concerning the sale, possession, and use of alcohol. Alcohol is not allowed in the common areas of residence halls. All students present in a private room or suite where alcohol is openly present or being consumed must be of legal drinking age (21 or older). The consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages by persons 21 years of age or older on Concordia's campus is restricted to certain areas and conditions.


Q: How does the University deal with students who have violated University policies?

A: Violations of University policies and regulations are normally addressed through the University Judicial System by the Director of Residential Life and/or the Dean of Students.


Q: When does the university contact parents about concerns for a sons or daughters behavior?

A: Although the University does not routinely contact parents when their student is found to have broken the University's Code of Conduct, it will do so when the student has been found responsible for a serious violation and has thus jeopardized his or her status with the University. Because we believe that parents share a deep concern with us for the growth and development of our students, parents will be informed of significant Code of Conduct violations by their son or daughter. In turn, parents will be asked to contact the Dean of Students.


Q: Does the University Bookstore have a website, and can students order textbooks there?

A: Yes. You can also order apparel and other Tornado swag there.


Q: Is parking allowed on campus?

A: Yes. Parking


Q: Is there a safety escort service?

A: Anytime you do not feel safe please call CTX Police (512-313-3311). We will assist you in whatever safety concerns you have. Finally, when you are walking across campus or to your car and do not feel safe, call CTX Police and one of the CTX security personnel will escort you. This is not an inconvenience, and they are always willing to help.