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Where to Find Everything on Campus


Where to find answers

Academic Matters

Academic Advising; Faculty Advisers; Chief Academic Officer; Registrar

Alcohol Drug Awareness, Education, Referral and Consultation:

Counseling Center

Athletic Eligibility

Athletic Director; Registrar

Books Other Supplies

University Bookstore

Campus Employment

Career Services

Campus Events

Campus Bulletin Boards; Scheduling and Events; Sports Information Office; Student Life Office; Tornado Watch Newsletter; University Communications

Career Counseling/Management

Career Services


Campus Pastor

Course Requirements Planning

Academic Advising; Academic Catalog; Faculty Advisers; Registrar

Damage or Repairs

Helpdesk; Maintenance; Residential Life Office

Dining Services / Cafeteria

Sodexo; Dining Hall Menu

Disability Services

Student Success Center

Conduct Expectations Disciplinary Procedures

Student Services Office

Faith Questions

Campus Pastor; Faculty; Local Churches; Student Services Office


Support Services

Finances, Fees, Tuition

Student Central



Graduation Requirements

Academic Advising; Academic Catalog; Faculty Advisers; Registrar

Housing (on off campus)

Residential Life Office

ID Cards

Tornado Print Mail

Independent Study

Department Chairs; Faculty; Registrar

International Programs

Study Abroad Experiential Learning

International Student Adviser

Study Abroad Experiential Learning


Career Services

Intramural Programs

Student Life Office

Intramural Equipment

Student Life Office


Student Financial Services


Support Services

Organizations Clubs

President of Organization or Club; Student Life Office

Outdoor Recreation

Student Life Office

Parking Permits

CTX Police

Personal Concerns

Campus Pastor; Counseling Center; Director of Residential Life; Director of Student Success Center; Dean of Students

Photocopy Machine


Post Office Boxes Service

Support Services

Probation (academic)

Academic Advising; Director of Student Success Center; Registrar; Student Central

Probation (disciplinary)

Dean of Students


Student Life Office

Room Change

Residential Life Office

Safety Security

Campus Police; Director of Physical Plant; Dean of Students; Residential Life Office


Student Financial Resources

Student Employment

Career Services; Student Financial Resources

Study Areas

Campus Lounges; Library; Residence Hall Lounges

Study Skills

Academic Advising; Counseling Center; Student Success Center


CTX Police; Dean of Students; Residential Life Office



Transfer Information

Registrar's Office


Student Success Center

Withdrawal from a course

Registrar's Office; Student Central

Withdrawal from the University

Faculty Adviser; Registrar; Student Central