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MBA 4+1

Accelerate your leadership journey by earning a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in just five years from Concordia

The Concordia MBA 4+1 program awards Concordia University Texas freshmen, sophomores, and juniors contingent direct admission into the program, without having to complete a separate application. At the end of the program, the student will graduate with both their bachelor’s and MBA degrees.

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Earn an MBA

Earn an MBA


5 years for a graduate degree

5-Year Program


Advanced courses for accelerated learning

 Graduate Course Work


4+1 Program Requirements
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75 for current or incoming sophomores and juniors
  • The program is open to all Business majors and minors regardless of modality or program and to BAAS students, but not international students.
  • MBA 4+1 students need to complete 60 undergraduate credits before enrolling in their first MBA class
  • If a student with only a business minor is accepted into the MBA 4+1, the student will need to complete the Peregrine Leveling Courses before enrolling in their first MBA class.

Note: Seniors are to apply directly for the MBA program directly, instead of 4+1. 




Concordia University Texas College of Business and Communications

Program Benefits
  • Students can communicate with prospective employers about taking graduate-level courses and earning a graduate degree
  • Students pay no additional tuition for the MBA courses, beyond the standard semester rate of 18 credit hours
  • 4+1 students earn their graduate degree in less time and join the workforce better prepared
  • Graduate Courses
    • Critical Thinking
    • Leadership - Self
    • Marketing Management
    • Data Analytics
    • Financial Accounting & Management
    • Managerial Economics