Bachelor of History studied at Concordia TexasBachelor of History studied at Concordia Texas


History at Concordia University Texas

At Concordia Texas, the History major emphasizes flexibility and depth through a diverse curriculum by integrating liberal arts courses and pairing well with minors in areas such as Legal Studies, English, Behavioral Sciences, and Business Management. Graduates develop strong analytical, research, and writing skills, preparing them for careers in higher education, public service, business, and beyond. The History program lays the groundwork for advanced studies of specific historical periods and fields like law, public history, library studies, and ministry.

Studying History at Concordia Texas prepares you to live out your vocation through:

  • Learning historical content to understand people’s ideas and actions now and in the past
  • Practicing research, writing, and presentation skills
  • Becoming more discerning of information and how it is presented
  • Appreciating past events and their influence on today’s world and the future


Academic Versatility


15:1 Student-Faculty Ratio


Experienced Faculty


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Diverse group of students studying

Diverse Curriculum

The History program opens doors to a broad curriculum, offering you flexibility through diverse course requirements.

A Concordia Texas graduate

Career Preparation

hart your own course with a degree that unlocks opportunities for careers in higher education, government, business, and beyond.

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Advanced Specializations

Pave the way for graduate study in history and specialized degrees in law, public history, library studies, and ministry.

Versatile Futures

The History program at Concordia Texas opens doors to diverse futures, preparing students for both graduate studies and careers in various fields.

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Adaptable Curriculum

Explore a broad and flexible curriculum that integrates liberal arts courses and connects well with diverse minors for a well-rounded education.

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Skills for Success

Beyond learning historical content, graduates develop essential skills—information gathering, digital literacy, organization, analysis, research, and writing—ensuring readiness for a range of careers.

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Personalized and Practical

The History program at Concordia Texas offers a personalized learning journey, blending applied courses (such as Introduction to Public History), a senior thesis, and internships for hands-on experience and real-world preparation.

Concordia Texas has a personalized approach for all types of students
Concordia Texas History Chair Dr. Matthew Bloom

Studying history in college is a valuable pursuit that goes beyond memorizing names and dates; it equips you with essential skills for navigating the complexities of the present and future. Our program blends breadth and depth, aiming to develop your intellectual self-confidence—your ability to work beyond subject matter expertise being nimble and imaginative in projects and plans. With our small classes and dedicated faculty members, you can become an active learner ready for jobs or advanced study after graduation. 

Dr. Matthew BloomHistory Chair



Discover the limitless possibilities of majoring in History at Concordia University Texas. Beyond academic benefits, a background in history equips students for a wide array of careers, from education and research to law, journalism, business, and public service.

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Career Outcomes
  • Archivist
  • Campaign Worker
  • Congressional Aide
  • Editor
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Intelligence Agent
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Legal Assistant
  • Lobbyist
  • Minister
  • Researcher
  • Social Worker
  • Teacher
Alumni Testimonial - Alexandra Miller

The small class sizes at Concordia Texas allowed me to form meaningful relationships with my classmates and professors while pursuing my dream of studying history. I now use the critical thinking skills I learned in class and the love I fostered for history to teach middle school students.



The American Historical Association has more information on careers in History here.

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  • What does the History program at Concordia Texas prepare students for?

    The program readies students for graduate studies and diverse careers in academic, professional, and business fields, offering a broad range of courses for flexibility.

  • How is the curriculum structured for History majors?

    The curriculum integrates liberal arts courses and allows for the consideration of minors in areas like Legal Studies, English, Behavioral Sciences, and Business Management. It covers background and context, foundational skills and digital literacy, deeper study, applied history, allied courses, and a senior thesis.

  • Are there opportunities for practical experience within the History program?

    Yes, students can engage in a semester-long internship for variable credit hours, gaining real-world experience. About 50 percent of History majors proceed to graduate programs in History, education, English, seminary, or law school.

  • How do professors enhance the learning experience in the History program?

    Professors focus on helping students find their own place in history, think historically, and connect the past and present. Guest speakers and a variety of highlighted courses contribute to the practical application of historical theories in real-world situations.