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Technology Tools

Below is a list of the tools that are available through Concordia. Some tools are limited by location or availability.


Projectors - mounted For projecting screen from laptop or desktop

Projector - mobile

For projecting screen from laptop or desktop
Document Camera For projecting a paper or transparency to projector or computer
Desktop Computer Desktop computer in room connected to projector; Plug-in USB for presenting
Laptop Computer Media laptop with computer lab standard software to use for class
Netbook Mobile Lab Media netbook with campus standard lab software
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Speakers - mounted Speakers mounted in the ceiling for proper hearing in all parts of the room.
Speakers - mobile Desktop speakers for playing sound for entire classroom
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Microphone - wireless

xTag - wireless microphone for recording direct instruction;
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Microphone - group

Clear One - room microphones for recording classroom discussions, limited to medium or small classrooms
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