Concordia Veterans Corps

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Who are the Concordia Veterans Corps
Founded in 2016, The Concordia Veterans Corps is the registered student organization that represents every Veteran attending Concordia University Texas, and a chapter of the national organization- Student Veterans of America. Throughout the year, CVC puts on numerous Veteran-specific events and programs in order to facilitate camaraderie and a sense of belonging amongst current and former service members at CTX. In addition, Concordia Veterans Corps advocates to Concordia University Administration in order to facilitate programs that will have a positive impact for Veterans attending this institution.

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Our Mission
Concordia Veterans Corps mission is to sustain and enrich Concordia Veterans, through a balance of social and service led opportunities and experiences. By nature our design is to enhance Concordia’s overall mission of “Developing Christian Leaders.”

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Why Should I Join CVC?
While you are not required to be an active member of Concordia Veterans Corps in order to participate in our veterans events, we strongly encourage you to do so! Being an active member of CVC will provide you with a strong social support, as well as grant you voting rights, and a say in the direction of the organization. We are connected with local and national non-profit organizations and businesses to provide veteran advocacy, scholarships, and career opportunities.

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Contact Info
President: Alex Ramirez,
Vice President: Matthew Smith,

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